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Bellaire pizza restaurant sets up memorial fund for family of slain employee

Pizza restaurant sets up memorial fund for family of slain employee

Peter Mielke Reginelli's
19-year old Peter Mielke was shot and killed Sunday night. Courtesy photo
Reginelli's Pizza Bellaire
Reginelli's Pizzeria will remain closed for the "immediate future." Reginelli's Pizzeria Houston/Facebook
Peter Mielke Reginelli's
Reginelli's Pizza Bellaire

Bellaire pizzeria Reginelli's has set up a memorial fund on behalf of Peter Mielke, the 19-year old employee who was shot and killed during a robbery attempt Sunday night. 

Police are investigating the crime, which occurred at approximately 9:30 pm. Mielke attempted to comply with the shooter's demands, but the gunman fired several shots, the Bellaire Police Department stated. The restaurant will remain closed for the "immediate future," according to a statement from Reginelli's chief operating officer Lisa Milliet.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mielke family and our employees," Milliet writes. "We ask the community for your support today as you have supported us since we arrived in Houston. We look forward to continuing to be part of the Bellaire community."

Deposits on behalf of the Peter Mielke Memorial Fund may be made at Amegy Bank in Houston and Whitney Bank in New Orleans, where Reginelli's is based. 

"He shot a hardworking man over what? Maybe a 100 bucks in cash,” Bellaire Police Chief Byron Holloway told KHOU. “Most bad guys wouldn’t even want to associate with this person. I’m not going to call him a man cause he’s not.”