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Galleria restaurant negotiating to sell its prime space insists it's doing well — and plans to rise again

Galleria restaurant negotiating to sell insists it's doing great

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Arturo's is in negotiations to turn over its space to Lasco Enterprises, but no deal has been reached.  Photo by Barbara Kuntz

Is Arturo's Uptown Italiano going to close to make way for a new upscale Tex-Mex concept from Lasco Enterprises in its prime Galleria area space? 

The answer is a solid maybe, according to Arturo's owner Bill Sadler. In an email, Sadler confirms CultureMap's exclusive report: He has entered into negotiations with Lasco but has not reached a final deal.

 Sadler acknowledges that a deal could be a "win-win situation" for both companies. 

"Every restaurant owner hears from people who want to buy them out and, over the years, we have fielded I think five written offers to take over our location and, obviously, none have come to fruition, so I wouldn't be so sure that this one will, either," Sadler writes.

Sadler acknowledges that a deal could be a "win-win situation" for both companies, because Arturo's plans to relocate if it comes to terms with Lasco and can find a new spot. He firmly rejects any suggestion that the restaurant is struggling.

"Arturo's is doing quite well and we thank Houston for that. Each of our last five years sales have been better than the one before and all profitable," Sadler insists.

As for the current status of his restaurant and a potential deal, Sadler calls it "rumor and chatter. If something of substance does happen we will let you know, as we happily continue to serve our many cherished and largely repeat customers." 

Of course, the fact that Lasco is looking to hire a full staff for the concept, which Eater reports may be named Anejo, rises above the level of "rumor and chatter." Nothing is certain in the fast moving world of Houston restaurants, but Lasco is putting its money where its intent is.