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This Houston suburb declared the No. 1 place in Texas to retire

This Houston suburb declared the No. 1 place in Texas to retire

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This Houston-area suburb is the best place to settle down long-term, according to a new study.  Courtesy photo

Locals who are enjoying the family environs of Cinco Ranch, La Centerra, or Grand Lakes may have picked the perfect long-term home: A new study ranks Katy as the best city to retire in Texas. The report, compiled by SmartAsset, cites Katy’s copious amounts of medical care (namely, doctors’ offices) and recreation centers as ideal for retirees.

The website and financial resource examined three key factors to generate a “best place to retire index”: income and sales taxes; the number of doctors’ offices, recreation centers, and retirement centers per 1,000 residents; and the size of the senior population. Four other Houston-area suburbs appear on SmartAsset’s top 10 places to settle down: Richmond (No. 6), Tomball (No. 7), Webster (No. 8), and Humble (No. 9). 

Katy leads the way in Houston-area healthcare for retirees: Katy boasts 17.6 doctors’ offices per 1,000 people — compared with 7.3 in Richmond, 8.8 in Tomball, 13.3 in Webster, and 8.4 in Humble. In terms of entertainment (a key factor for aging retirees), Katy offers up 3.6 recreation centers per 1,000 people — compared with 2.0 in Richmond, 1.3 in Tomball, 1.2 in Webster, and 2.0 in Humble.

Ironically, seniors make up less than 12 percent of the population in Katy. Tomball has the most Houston-area seniors, coming in at 18 percent of the population. Statewide, Fredericksburg, the No. 5 place to retire in Texas, tops the seniors list at 30 percent of the overall population. The Dallas-Fort Worth suburb Granbury, the No. 2 place to retire, comes in just behind, with 29.7 percent of seniors in the population. 

Woodway (just outside of Waco) and Livingston (which is north of Houston) round out the top five cities in Texas to retire. Both offer 1.5 rec centers per 1,000 residents, while Woodway offers the third most doctors’ offices on the list at 10.6. The lowest tax rate goes to No. 10 Burnet (located outside of Austin) at 14.9 percent.