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What Houstonians secretly search for online: Top Google searches are very revealing

What Houstonians search for online: Top Google searches very revealing

Google reveals Houston's top search terms for 2014.

Thanks to Google's annual "Year in Search," Houstonians can find out exactly what their neighbors are searching for most online.

The top searches for 2014 overall included several celebrities who died this year, including Robin Williams at No. 1, Joan Rivers at No. 5 and Philip Seymour Hoffman at No. 7 (they were also the top three people searches of the 2014).

Apparently Houstonians really want to know more about skin care as the No. 4 "how to" search was "how to exfoliate," coming in right behind "how to knit," "how to coupon" and "how to fish," respectively.

As in many cities, the No. 1 "What is" search in Houston was "What is ALS?" — most likely due to the intense popularity of the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge this past summer.

Below are the complete listings of Houstonians' top Google searches from 2014:

Top Trending Searches

1. Robin Williams
2. World Cup
3. Ebola
4. iPhone 6
5. Joan Rivers
6. Black Friday 2014
7. Philip Seymour Hoffman
8. Jennifer Lawrence
9. Malaysia Airlines
10. NFL Draft

Top Trending News/Events

1. World Cup
2. Ebola
3. Black Friday 2014
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. NFL Draft
6. ALS
8. Olympics
9. Ferguson
10. Oscars 2014

Top Trending People

1. Robin Williams
2. Joan Rivers
3. Philip Seymour Hoffman
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Tracy Morgan
6. Ray Rice
7. Iggy Azalea
8. Adrian Peterson
9. Donald Sterling
10. Johnny Manziel

Top Trending "What Is" Searches

1. What is ALS
2. What is Ebola
3. What is ISIS
4. What is Bitcoin
5. What is wcw
6. What is anxiety
7. What is MS
8. What is Uber
9. What is ohms
10. What is Alibaba

Top Trending "How To" Searches

1. How to knit
2. How to coupon
3. How to fish
4. How to exfoliate
5. How to drive
6. How to cook
7. How to freestyle
8. How to pray
9. How to whistle
10. How to dance