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Convenient new app delivers hands-free shopping to The Galleria

Convenient new app delivers hands-free shopping to The Galleria

Woman holding bags, Christmas shopping
Tired of lugging shopping bags around The Galleria? This app is here to help. Photo courtesy of Holiday Shopping Card

Holiday shopping always starts out the same. There’s the joy of a coffee or hot chocolate from the food court, then a quick jaunt to some favorite spots. But by the time you’re halfway down your list...the bags. So many bags.

To the rescue comes Dropit Handsfree, an app-based service partnering with The Galleria that enables users to “drop as they shop,” per a press release. How does it work? Shoppers carry on with their shopping, drop their bags, and then have them delivered to their home or hotel at a convenient time. Dropit also makes the delivery process more efficient by consolidating multiple bags from multiple stores — making a more eco-friendly delivery solution.

That means locals can bounce to Saks, Cartier, Nordstrom, and even H&M, and await delivery. The app is a smart choice for those who need to be discreet in their shopping or hide the perfect gift when coming home. Another plus: no walking through a dark parking lot with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Dropit is teaming with Simon, which owns and operates U.S. malls including The Galleria.

“We appreciate Simon’s commitment to innovation and are delighted to be expanding our  offering of Dropit Handsfree to new flagship properties like The Galleria,” said Karin Cabili, founder of Dropit, in a statement. “Each of the services Dropit offers aims to create a solution for  both consumers and retailers. Together, we look forward to giving The Galleria’s customers and  tourists alike, greater flexibility in deciding how they want to spend their days as well as  creating a safe and secure experience for shoppers, which we know is the utmost importance right now.”

The Dropit app is available on iOS and Android. For more information, visit the Dropit site