Houston SPCA reunites owners with pets lost during Harvey through facial recognition app

Houston SPCA reunites owners with pets through facial recognition app

Houston, Hurricane Harvey, first responders, August 2017
 A new app improvement is making it easier for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey to be reunited with their pets. Courtesy of

The Houston SPCA is reuniting owners with their pets, and an app improvement is making things a bit easier.

"We're getting calls in for water rescues for people who unfortunately had to leave their pets behind because it was an emergency," said Julie Kuenstle, director of communications for the Houston SPCA.

Kuenstle says many times in the aftermath of a storm reuniting pets and owners isn't easy. has been around for a few years. But Petco Foundation has added a tool to specifically help pets lost during Hurricane Harvey.

"They've created this wonderful section on their website," Kuenstle explained. We just click on Texas."

There you can upload a photo of your lost pet or of a pet you found.

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