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University of Texas fans are a Lite bunch, but they're pretty crafty, too

University of Texas fans are a Lite bunch, but they're crafty, too

Texas Longhorn fans at DKR giving hook em for spring game
Beer brought in the most money for UT during the first season of in-house alcohol sales. Texas Longhorns/Facebook

Football and beer really are the perfect pair, according to sales figures from the University of Texas. 

As Longhorn fans already know, 2015 was the first season that alcohol was served to general admission ticket holders at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. And it seemed to be a hit: UT brought in a whopping $1.8 million from alcohol sales during the season.

Records provided to the Houston Chronicle broke down the number of beverages sold at home football games, showing that light beer was the drink of choice. Miller Lite was by far the most popular: 62,275 cans were sold during the season, amounting to $493,856. Coors Light was next — 57,901 cans sold — and Bud Light came in third place with 24,838 cans sold. Surprisingly, Texas favorite Lone Star came in at No. 19.

Although light beer reigned supreme, craft beer had an impressive showing. Uncle Billy's Green Room IPA (No. 10), Saint Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower (No. 11), Independence Brewing's Power & Light (No. 12), and Hops & Grain's The One They Call Zoe (No. 14) were among the most popular craft brews sold in the stadium.

Behind beer came liquor, which brought in $126,872 (not including cocktails). Call liquor was the most popular (No. 5), and premium liquor (No. 17) beat out well liquor (No. 20). Only nine floaters were sold during the season, earning UT a measly $27.

Fruit-based beverages didn't rake in as much cash, but cider was still a top choice. Crispin Hard Cider came in at at No. 6, followed by Redd's Apple Ale at No. 7. Wine, however, didn't pair as well with football; various versions of vino claimed spots at No. 16 (wine), No. 18 (house red wine), and No. 23 (premium wine).

The only beverage that sold more units than any of these alcoholic drinks was water. Way to stay hydrated, Longhorns.