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Use these top apps to meet your goals and get a fresh new start in 2016

Use these top apps to meet your goals and get a fresh start in 2016

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Tackle your New Year's resolutions with these helpful apps.

It's a new year, and those of us who made resolutions are mere days into the process. Popular New Year's resolutions include a desire to lose weight, get organized, spend less money, and cut down on stress, and the key is not to forget about your goals come February when the buzz of the new year wears off.

Why not improve your chances for a better you with the help of technology? Take a look at these top apps for overall wellbeing, and upgrade your productivity in 2016.

Get fit
Lose It
Taking off unwanted pounds is not always easy, but this weight loss app makes it easier. Enter meals for a calorie count and upload workout details to chart your progress.

Looking for new trails? Want to track exactly how long it takes you to jog around your neighborhood? Use MapMyFitness to get your stats as you make moves and share or discover amazing new paths in your city.

Do you like music when you run? Maximize your jam session with this app, which adjusts the tempo of your music to get you moving a little faster. Also choose from playlists of high-energy music in any genre.

The Walk
This thrilling app casts you as the protagonist on a mission to walk the length of the U.K. to save the world. Listen as you walk, build upon your progress, and get fit while the story plays out.

Get organized
For those operating on several devices throughout the day, keeping organized can be a challenge. With Wunderlist, get reminders, plan and collaborate, and upload it all into the cloud.

Use Penultimate if you like lists in your own handwriting. Write, doodle, and share things like maps, ideas for decorating rooms, and more. Access your visuals when you need them.

What's to do if you simply don't have the time to complete everything on your list? Hire someone to do it for you! It's never been easier than posting a chore to TaskRabbit (say, raking your lawn) and letting its team connect you with someone to help you cross it off your list.

Gallery Doctor
Keep your gallery streamlined with this app designed to cut duplicate pictures or those with low lighting. Gallery Doctor presents subpar photos for your approval or dismissal, and edits accordingly.

Don't like people playing on your phone? Catch them in the act with Keeply, which snaps a picture of the person attempting to get into your phone. Store passwords and lock down sensitive media files with this app.

Take some time to get organized by getting all your bills in one place. Set up reminders and use the autopay function so you never miss a payment.

Expand your horizons
Based on principals of tai chi, this app offers simple tasks scientifically designed to help you relax.

Save money so you can focus on doing the things you love. But in order to save, you have to compare prices. Use RedLaser to scan bar codes and compare prices instantly, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal.

Want to travel in 2016? Learn another language in your down time with this easy-to-use educational app. With mini-lessons and stats to remind you of where you are, this app can turn waiting in long lines into a passport to another world.