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Houston's weirdest home improvement requests: One comes straight from a billionaire's playbook

Houston's weirdest home improvement trends: True billionaire visions?

great white shark
Shark tanks? Well, maybe not for a great white, but still, shark tanks. Courtesy photo

Man caves, shark aquariums and hair removal, oh my!

Those three unrelated items actually are related in a peculiar way as the most requested quirky desires Houstonians have for home improvement projects.

The list . . . with more fun facts to know and share . . .  reveals the latest finds from Pro.com, a new online service that enables homeowners to type in any home improvement project they’re considering and get instant feedback on what it would cost. Pro.com then connects the homeowners professionals to get the job done.

 Perhaps Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta started this trend with the shark tank at his casino hotel. 

Now man caves are completely logical, considering Texans (make that Houston Texans fans) are known to hunker down and celebrate every Sunday as a football extravaganza watching their favorite team. Shark aquariums? Why not? Perhaps Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta started this trend with the shark tank center stage at the pool at his Golden Nugget Las Vegas casino and hotel.

Hair removal? Maybe blame it on Houston women's "big hair." Manscaping? Just guesses. Most likely it's due to our pet-loving population.

Other quirky requests Houstonians make for home improvement: Assemble a pergola, install a bidet and get the holiday decorations down from the attic.

Most common searches entered by Houstonians are a bit more predictable. Paint a house interior and exterior, remodel a kitchen, install carpeting and build a new fence are oft-requested tasks. And no doubt, install a ceiling fan and add a pool to the backyard, a salt water pool to be exact, are on the list too.

Pools and fans aren't that surprising, as that's how many Houstonians stay cool during our sweltering summers.