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Here's the easiest way to see a cool show featuring a hip designer at New York Fashion Week

Here's the easiest way to see a cool show at New York Fashion Week

Pyer Moss 2016 fall winter collection
A look from Pyer Moss fall collection. Photo courtesy of Pyer Moss

Despite changes at New York Fashion Week as designers try to decide whether to show looks that can be purchased immediately or six months from now, interest remains high. Having covered the biannual fashion extravaganza for over a decade, the main questions I get are, "Can I be your assistant?" and "How can I get a ticket for a show?"

As the latest edition of fashion week prepares to debut on September 8, the demand for tickets remains high because of social media — seems like everyone is a fashion blogger — and the glamour surrounding a runway show.

Unless you buy a lot of clothes from a particular designer, have a friend in the industry or are covering the event for a reputable media outlet, the best way to see a show is to visit American Express, which continues to have a strong presence with runway packages at MADE Fashion Week, the hotspot for a new generation of fashion designers at Milk Studios.

For $125, guests get to see the runway show and hang out backstage at the American Express VIP Card Member Lounge, where they can sit in on a private Q&A with the designer and host and TV personality Micah Jesse. They also get to nosh on gourmet food and beverages, enjoy hair styling sessions and personalized photos. To view the runway show only is $75.

Many of the shows have sold out, but tickets remain for the Berlin-based Ottolinger womenswear collection at noon on September 9 and the hip Pyer Moss menswear line at 2:30 pm on September 11. (Erykah Badu helped style the Pyer Moss collection for the previous show in February.)

For more information, visit the American Express website.