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River Oaks District unveils popular stylist for free luxury lounge experience

River Oaks District unveils popular stylist for free luxury lounge

Stevie Bingham
Style veteran Stevie Bingham brings years of fashion savvy to The Studio. Photo Courtesy River Oaks District
The Studio
The Studio clients will find dedicated parking and a private entrance. Photo Courtesy River Oaks District
The Studio
Bingham will pull clothing, shoes and accessories from stores throughout River Oaks District. Photo Courtesy River Oaks District
Stevie Bingham
The Studio
The Studio

A familiar face on Houston’s style scene is at the helm of the River Oaks District’s new complimentary personal styling and shopping service. Stevie Bingham was named stylist-in-residence at The Studio, a private, luxury lounge for customers to receive complimentary personal styling and shopping services.

The new position is another chapter in Bingham’s long career on the Houston fashion front. Her portfolio includes boutique owner and stylist at upscale department stores. Bingham’s new role keeps her in the luxury retail world with ROD stores such as Stella McCartney, Christian Dior, and Tom Ford at her fingertips.

"It's really a very symbiotic relationship, and it allows me to provide a service that makes life easier," says Bingham. "What are we all short on? Time. Come by in your workout clothes or even over FaceTime. It's about convenience."

Clients working with Bingham go through The Studio, which is located near iPic movie theater and has a private entrance and dedicated parking. Bingham’s services include personalized wardrobe consultation services, the ability to pull key looks from various stores for customers to try on at their convenience and — in case of a true fashion emergency — same-day wardrobing services. The service can be as vast as a full seasonal wardrobe update or a special occasion look. Bingham sends clients a survey in advance of the appointment to determine their style preferences and to streamline the process.

"I ask what the client likes and dislikes. If polka dots are on trend, but she isn't into them, I know not to pull. I ask her size, color and favorite style icons. Is she Kate Moss or Kate Hudson?" Bingham says.

The Studio has a kitchen and entertaining space and can be used for small parties or for a multi-person wardrobing session. Bingham adds that everything from girlfriend get-togethers to a shopping party where she has everything pulled and ready to wear are options for the space. 


Appointment requests at The Studio can be made at or 281-794-2808.