a seismique blast

8 most Instagrammable spots at Houston's new amazing art adventure

Seismique Houston Worm Hole
Photo by Christopher Brielmaier
Seismique Houston Brainwash
Photo by Christopher Brielmaier
Seismique Houston Alien Grass
Photo by Steven Devadanam
Seismique Houston Twisted
Photo by Alex Montoya
Seismique Houston Rhombus
Photo by Alex Montoya
Seismique Houston Color Portal
Photo by Alex Montoya
Seismique Houston Eden
Photo by Christopher Brielmaier
Seismique Houston Flare
Photo by Christopher Brielmaier

Wondrous, engaging, and psychedelic, Seismique is a much-anticipated — and much-needed, in this time of quarantined lockdown — multi-sensory trip for lucky visitors. Thematically and situationally, the new, totally immersive 40,000-square-foot art experience couldn't’ be more Houston.

To wit: The interactive museum-meets-playground is a sci-fi fan’s vivid dream — one (in a totally H-Town move) that has taken over an empty, big-box store in a west Houston strip center.

Guests can journey into this massive maze boasting more than 40 exhibits, 9 million LED lights, state-of-the-art, motion-capture technology, and traversable, world-class art beginning December 26 in west Houston at 2306 South Highway 6.

Tickets to Seismique are now available and start at $35 for adults and $28 for children 12 and under for general admission. VIP tickets run  $45 for adults and $38 for children and grant guests entry at any time on the selected date of their ticket without having to wait in line.

VIPs can also visit the Acid Rain Room without waiting in line, and nab discounted food at the in-house Cosmique Café and merchandise at Seismique’s Gift Shop. (Visit here for tickets, hours, and more information.)

A hybrid of a Willy Wonka wonderland, the edgy Meow Wolf (the interactive museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico), and a futuristic theme park, Seismique features works by more than 24 established and emerging artists – many of whom are Texas-based – along with advanced technological elements such as projection mapping from 111 projectors, holograms, augmented reality, light mapping, gamification, and more.

“This isn’t just for kids — this is multi-generational,” creator Steve Kopelman tells CultureMap. Kopelman spent nearly a year building out the space and months recruiting artists to help create his vision. He and collaborator Josh Corley ensured that Seismique is safe for COVID protocols, even creating an app to ensure a touch-free experience.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the expressions on peoples’ faces when they experience Seismique for the first time,” Kopelman added, in a statement. “I liken it to the equivalent of walking through a portal and into an alternative universe that is a feast for the senses.”

A near sensory overload, Seismique is an Instagrammer’s dream — from the moment one enters the cartoony, comic-strip-themed Lobby. Here, then, are some of our favorite rooms in this can’t-miss, immersive art adventure to snap selfies, shoot video, and get lost in an other-worldly space.


Emulating a trek through space and time — and make sure to keep your balance — as the optic illusion makes you feel as if you're constantly in flux.

Circular screens display video shots — are they bubbles? Selfies work here, but the real fun is a walkabout video for your IG or Facebook story.

Alien Grass
Run your hands — and your camera phone — over the “grass” as LED bulbs light up at the lightest touch.

Shoot a selfie, slow-mo video, or Boomerang at this vibrant, twisted thoroughfare.

The geometric pattern in red makes for a snappy selfie spot and gateway to other exhibits.

The Color Portal
The IG-worthy space, created by David Carry, provides a thoroughfare to many of Seismique’s spaces like The Hub – a 70-foot spaceship also constructed by Carry that boasts over 1 million LED lights.

Immediately calling to mind a set from the sci-fi blockbuster, Avatar, Eden features oversized trees, ultra-violet lighting, and holograms.


As the name suggests, this splashy spot is ablaze in neon and bright colors. Strike a pose for a memorable shot.