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Here are the top 10 things to do in Houston this weekend

Here are the top 10 things to do in Houston this weekend

Miller Outdoor Theatre summer outdoor concert
Will things get tense during this classic music face-off? Find out this weekend. Photo courtesy of Miller Outdoor Theatre

Even though the summer season won't officially be done until late September, for a lot of people, summer is done when Labor Day Weekend rolls around.

This weekend is usually the last, fun-filled hurrah before fall and windy-to-freezing weather. Here's our usual rundown of noteworthy, weekend happenings: 

Thursday, August 30

Truly special art at the Center of Art and Photography
The Celebration Company is an outfit that's making sure adults with disabilities can also create and explore art. With the new exhibit "The Art of Celebration: Through the Lens of Discovery," 23 of the Company's employees (along with guest photographer Michael Duke) get to show off the images they've captured using adaptive cameras. This exhibit will run through November 2. 6-8 pm.

Take in Mexico's unique and exotic beauty
The Houston Public Library isn't just for books, you know? It can drop some pretty historic art on folks too, as evidenced by the Library's newest exhibit, "South and North of the Border: Houston Paints Mexico." It features works of early-1920s artists who were inspired by their travels to Mexico. The exhibit just opened, but the opening reception is this weekend. It will be on display until November 10. 6-8 pm.

Bun B's big, trill record release show
On Friday, Bun B, one-half of the iconic, Port Arthur rap duo UGK, releases Return of the Trill, his first solo album in five years. So, of course, dude is going to celebrate by having a record-release party/concert. Technically, Bun B "and friends" are listed to be performing at the show. But we wouldn't be surprised if Big K.R.I.T., who serves as the album's musical coordinator, showed up for a few songs. 8-11:55 pm.

Friday, August 31

Craft beers at the 9th Annual BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival 
Now in its ninth year, the BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival gives something special to people who attend: a three-day chance to get messed up on beer. People will be able to choose from hundreds of craft beer at this throwdown. But there will also be other things planned, like "Taste It First" selections, seminars and discussions by people on how to make it in the craft beer biz and — our favorite — a "Brew-B-Que." 11:30 am.

Discover who is the master in Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon 
If you've never seen Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon, then you've never witnessed the only martial-arts musical from the '80s, produced by the man who created Motown. This 1985 relic is pure what-the-hell?, with the late Prince protege Vanity as a VJ caught in the middle of a feud between rival, inner-city, kung-fu fighters. Co-star Taimak, who plays one of the men, will also be there for a live Q & A afterwards. 7:30 pm.

Saturday, September 1

Exquisite, ceramic pieces at the Rienzi Collection 
It's the 20th-anniversary opening of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's Rienzi Collection, and a new exhibit will delve deep into the extensive selection that sits in this location. Called "The Connoisseur's Eye: New Perspectives on Ceramics in the Rienzi Collection," this exhibit expands the story of 18th-century ceramics in Rienzi's collection. This will be on display until February 3. 10 am. 

Sip and paint to your favorite K-pop stars 
If you listen to the youngsters today, it's all about K-pop. All those highly populated groups from Korea are now beginning to make a splash in the States: BTS, EXO, Girls' Generation, Momoland, etc. Local sip-and-paint crew Beats & Paint is capitalizing on all this K-pop love with an "I Love K-pop Sip Paint Party," where you can down some wine and most likely do portraits of your favorite K-pop singer. 6-8 pm.

Miller Outdoor Theatre's fierce classical music face-off
Miller Outdoor Theatre has been out there dropping free stage productions for nearly a century, and the place certainly isn't stopping anytime soon. For its 95th anniversary season, the theatre is kicking things off with chamber ensemble Mercury staging the multimedia orchestral showdown Vivaldi vs. Paganini. Finally, we will find out who's number one. (Dun-dun-duuuunnnn...) 8 pm.

Sunday, August 2

Find your peace with tai chi at Discovery Green
Are you getting too stressed out these days? Wanna take some time to do things in a slow, calming manner? Luckily, for you, a new tai chi class is popping off this weekend. Part of Sprouts Farmers Market's free fitness series, this class of slow, meditative movements will be taught by Chinese martial arts expert Trey Dick. These classes will run every Sunday through November 11. 9:30-11:30 am.

Kids can find their zen with "Yoga First Sundays" 
You know, people, kids need to get some stress out their lives too, sometimes. If you're the parent of a child who needs to chill out (and you don't want to hit the young one with meds just yet), Children's Museum of Houston is starting up a children's yoga class this weekend that'll be on the first Sunday of every month. Kids will get to have a relaxing, 30-minute yoga session — and you can probably go and drink wine. 2:30 pm.