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One Direction shows the right stuff in out-of-this-world music video filmed at NASA

One Direction shows the right stuff in out-of-this-world video at NASA

The world's most popular boy band recently snuck into Houston to film an out-of-this world music video — and they proved they have the right stuff.

One Direction released a new video for their song “Drag Me Down” Friday and it all takes place at the Johnson Space Center. The video opens with Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne wearing orange NASA space suits.

Filming took place around NASA T-38 aircraft jets used by astronauts to train for spaceflight, and the NASA WB-57 high altitude research aircraft, a specialized aircraft that is used for high atmosphere research work, according to ABC News.

The video was released online Thursday night and broadcast on Good Morning America Friday.

In the video — a first for NASA –- Payne trains inside the replica of the International Space Station replica, while Tomlinson gets behind the wheel of a Space Exploration Vehicle, a type of rover used to explore the surface of Mars. Horan was filmed on the partial gravity simulator, and Styles met Robonaut, a model of the human-like robot that is now aboard the International Space Station,

One Direction also filmed in a full scale replica of the Orion spacecraft, NASA’s vehicle in development for crewed missions to deep space. The band’s new clip was shot with long-term collaborators Ben and Gabe Turner from Fulwell 73.

NASA did not release any information about the filming, but officials shared photos on Twitter about the video, no doubt recognizing the promotional value of being linked with the band.


Since the single was released without fanfare on July 31, it has hit No.1 on iTunes in 90 countries and has more than 40 million streams to-date on Spotify, Billboard reports. It set records for the highest first-day streams for a single globally and highest first-week streams for a single ever in the United Kingdom. 

"Drag Me Down" is from the group’s forthcoming fifth album, set for release in November.


One Direction at NASA
The new video for One Direction's Drag Me Down opens with bandmembers in space suits. courtesy photo