Lesson in Hot Lips

Erica Rose coaches reality TV star on kissing, hot lips and tongue involved

Erica Rose coaches reality TV star on kissing, tongue involved

The Bachelor Pad, season three, episode one, July 2012, Erica Rose
Erica Rose on Bachelor Pad, season three, where a kissing contest was part of the fun. Photo by Todd Wawrychuk/Bachelor Pad/ABC

Long before she met Galen Gentry, daddy to her baby due in September, Erica Rose was tapped by Love At First Kiss producers to give the hapless Josh a lesson in lip-locking. The second episode of the TLC reality show, which aired last week, found the 27-year-old dude in better form than in his first kiss adventure in episode one.

Apparently, Rose, who was brought in as kissing expert based on her creds with The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, provided valuable intel. According to Yahoo!TV,  "After an incredibly awkward lesson, Josh seemed to have gotten the basics down saying, 'If you’re gonna use tongue, don’t use too much, but put it in and then take it out in kind of a cat-and-mouse game, that’s kind of what I deciphered…'”

So we asked the very pregnant Rose for her exact advice.

"Just like I told Josh," she emailed from her base in Los Angeles, "Moisturize your lips. Have fresh breath and a hint of perfume/cologne. Try some head/chin grabbing. No tongue right away, but after that it's okay as long as you don't do it the whole time. Always leave them wanting more!"

Rose explained, "As often is that case in television, we filmed it during the summer of 2015, long before I was pregnant and while I was single . . . Josh, 'my student' was very sweet and genuine and appreciative and he really took my advice to heart. More than learning how to kiss, I think I also taught him how to be confident. It made me feel really proud. I didn't feel weird about it because on Bachelor Pad we had to do a kissing contest so it was good preparation."