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Kate Upton reveals she almost missed her wedding during late-night TV appearance

Kate Upton reveals she almost missed her wedding on late-night show

Houston Astros Team Up 4 Kids and K9s 2019 Justin Verlander and Kate Upton
The life of a baseball wife can be tricky, says Upton.  Photo by Daniel Ortiz

Diehard fans of Kate Upton will most certainly want to catch her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Not only does she participate in a hilarious, ’80s-style aerobics dance challenge with Fallon (replete with Jazzercise moves and outfits), but she notes that she nearly missed her wedding to Houston Astros superstar pitcher Justin Verlander.

The revelation comes after Fallon introduces a video gag challenge in which Verlander manages to work in a reference to Fallon’s 2005 baseball-themed romantic comedy, Fever Pitch, during a red carpet interview in which he’s asked the secret to netting a supermodel wife. “Man, there’s no secret,” Verlander tells the interviewer. Then, “I recently watched a movie, Fever Pitch. It still holds up.”

Challenge unlocked. After the clip, Upton admits that the movie does, indeed, hold up. “Honestly, it still does really hold up,” says Upton, noting that she relates to Fallon’s movie love interest, Drew Barrymore, who is bound by Fallon’s character’s insane love for the Boston Red Sox.

“Every time she’d get so mad because she had to look at the Red Sox schedule before planning, like a wedding, or going to Paris — that’s what I have to do,” says Upton, adding that she’s constantly scouring the Astros schedule.

“Sometimes, even when you look at it, you get it wrong, like I did — and almost missed my wedding. It’s tricky!” She even offers to deliver material for Fallon, should there ever be a sequel to Fever Pitch.

Upton then discusses, Strong4Me, a workout she has developed her trainer Ben Bruno, aimed at short workouts that promote a healthy body image for women. (There’s also a fun clip of Upton working out with her “partner” dog, Harley.)

The supermodel also shares her passion behind #sharestrong on social media, a movement she started that is now a favorite of celebrities and followers. “We’re bombarded every single day with so much fakeness and so much BS — with retouching and filters and comparing ourselves to other people’s fake self,” she tells Fallon.

“I wanted us to take a second to take a second and remember to love our true, raw self. It’s just so important … to remember who or what continues to motivate us to be our best, strongest self.”