6 best movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

6 movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

Muppets Now
It's time to get things started with the Muppets Now Photo courtesy of Disney+

This weekend, why not stay home and venture to the office — The Office, to be precise. Two new podcasts celebrate the beloved TV sitcom, one an oral history of the series and another a revisitation starring two popular female cast members. Meanwhile, new movies feature a Community star and a WWII tearjerker. 

And hey, if you need something zany to lift your spirits, look no further than The Muppets, who return for another weekly TV show. 


I Used to Go Here (Gravitas Ventures)
Gillian Jacobs, formerly of Community and Netflix's Love, stars in this dramedy (produced by Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew) that's more like an indie version of that 2018 Melissa McCarthy comedy Life of the Party (which also co-starred Jacobs). She's a recently published author who returns to her college alma mater to teach after being jilted by her fiancé. She also ends up staying with a bunch of college students and indulges in some crazy behavior. (Available to rent on Friday)

Summerland (IFC Films)
This period piece has Gemma Arterton (who will be in The King's Men — whenever that comes out) as a cranky, reclusive writer who reluctantly takes care of (and eventually bonds with) a young boy (Lucas Bond), evacuated from London during World War II. This tear-jerker will also be playing at a couple of local theaters. However, if you prefer to not let people see you get your sob on, you can always check it out at the house. (Available to rent on Friday)  


An Oral History of The Office (Spotify)
It looks like The Office — the American version, not the British original co-created and starring Ricky Gervais — is increasingly becoming a new classic in the eyes of those who watch the reruns over and over (whaddup, Billie Eilish!). For all those diehards who need to know more, Spotify has just a 12-episode podcast which has interviews with the cast, writers, showrunners, and everyone else who was involved in the making of that show. Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin Malone) hosts.

Office Ladies (Earwolf)
If a podcast about the making of the show ain't enough, how about two castmates re-watching the show and giving their own takes on it? Gal pals Jenna Fischer (Pam Beasley) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) have been getting together and devoting each episode discussing each episode of the sitcom that made them the beloved, familiar, TV faces they are today. And we're pretty sure this podcast is the one that set off all the stars-rewatching-their-own-show podcasts that's been all the rage lately.


Muppets Now (Disney+)
The Muppets are back! The late Jim Henson's prized creations once again return for another weekly TV show. This time, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and the rest of the crew do such unscripted shenanigans as game-show and cooking-show parodies, crazed experiments (you just know Dr. Bunson Honeydew and his assistant Beaker are all over that) and celebrity interviews with such folk as Seth Rogen, Aubrey Plaza, and RuPaul. (Premieres on Friday)

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)
This trippy, popular-with-the-kids sci-fi series (based on the Dark Horse comic), about a group of superheroic siblings who were raised by their late billionaire father to save the world, returns for its even-trippier season. This time around, the siblings are thrust into the past — Dallas, around the assassination of JFK, to be exact — after they failed to save the world last season. Yeah, we're just gonna go out on a limb and say things are gonna get weird this season. (Premieres on Friday)