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6 best movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

6 movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

Queer Eye cast
Style alert: Queer Eye returns this week. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide turmoil currently rocking us to our foundation, you wouldn't be blamed for wanting to indulge in a little escapism. 

Fortunately, this week brings several options for just that. Meet a Becky and a Shirley in two new movies, take a listen to a very topical, local podcast, and celebrate the glorious return of the Fab Five. 


Becky (Quiver Distribution) 
This seems like a very weird film. Kevin James, the lovable, doughy guy from The King of Queens and Adam Sandler movies, plays the neo-Nazi leader of a gang of escaped convicts who terrorizes a family (led by Community star Joel McHale!) at their lake house. It's now up to the out-and-about, possibly sociopathic daughter (Lulu Wilson) to step in and save them by taking these creeps out one by one. Think of this as a very messed-up version of Home Alone. (Available to rent on Friday)

Shirley (NEON)
Elisabeth Moss, who just got through going toe-to-toe with her undetectable significant other in The Invisible Man, stars in this psychodrama where she plays the late, real-life horror writer Shirley Jackson. In this film from director Josephine Decker (Madeline's Madeline), Jackson and her college-professor husband (Michael Stuhlbarg) welcome a visiting couple (Logan Lerman and Odessa Young) into their home and get them wrapped up in their crazy, little web of whatever-the-hell. (Streaming on Hulu and VOD on Friday) 


The Lost Kids (UCPAudio)
All you true-crime podcast enthusiasts might want to check out this new one. Hosted by journalist Josh Bloch (of the Uncover: Escaping NXIVM podcast), this investigative show focuses on missing 16-year-old Daniel Yuen, who disappeared from a therapeutic boarding school in 2004. But this podcast is really about the "troubled teen" industry and how politicians, daytime talk shows and other vultures who get mileage and profit out of it. 

Opinions While Black (Ill Mannered Media)
For those of you who would like to know more about what is exactly going on with black people, a good place to start would be this weekly, made-in-Houston podcast, hosted by writer Oz Longworth, Jr. and Damien Randle, best known as one of the members of the H-Town rap group K-Otix. The pair dissects what's going on (and what's going wrong) in America, while also hitting you with black news, new music and who should basically shut the (expletive) up. 


I May Destroy You (HBO)
Now that Issa Rae is about to wrap up another season of Insecure, HBO has another show from a enterprising sista you may want to get into. Michaela Coel (aka the creator and star of the Netflix comedy Chewing Gum) is the star and creator of this show, about a woman who was drugged and date-raped and tries to piece together what happened. Yes, it sounds heavy as hell. But don't forget we're still living in the era of #MeToo, so this is essential viewing. (Premieres on Sunday at 9:50 pm)

Queer Eye (Netflix)
The Fab Five returns for the fifth season of their extreme-makeover show. This season, they are setting their sets solely on Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love (which, may we say, seriously needs some overhaul in their police department). Among the people they will be doing their magic on: a closeted priest, a very tall sista with low self-esteem issues, a single mom, and a whole lotta other people who seriously needs to have some gay friends in their lives. (Premiering on Friday)