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6 best movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

6 movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

Janelle Monae Homecoming
Janelle Monae stars in Season 2 of Homecoming. Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Memorial Day Weekend is here. And while some people may want to take a chance and do some outdoorsy activities (say, go to water parks, perhaps), others can stay at home and take in stuff like some streaming entertainment.

This weekend, look for a fun murder-mystery that starts out as date night, a trip to Greece, and Janelle Monae floating in canoe (read on for that one).


The Lovebirds (Netflix)
Since it's gonna be a while before we see the suddenly jacked Kumail Nanjiani co-star in the new Marvel movie The Eternals, you can see him take the romantic-lead reins in this movie (which was supposed to drop in the theaters, but, you know — the 'Rona), directed by Michael Showalter, who directed him in The Big Sick. This movie has Nanjiani and Issa Rae as a couple on a date night who suddenly become involved in a murder-mystery. (Premieres on Friday) 

The Trip to Greece (IFC Films)
For the past several years, comedians/frenemies Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan have been going on a series of international trips, all captured on film by director Michael Winterbottom (who recently directed Coogan in the comedy Greed). Now, in their fourth and supposedly final excursion, the passive-aggressive comics head to Greece, eat great food, drink a lot, and try to outdo each other with their dueling, Michael Caine impressions. (Available to buy on Friday)


How Did This Get Made? (Earwolf)
If you haven't been listening to this long-running movie podcast, you've been missing out on some of the funniest commentary on bad movies since the glory days of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Husband-and-wife comic actors Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael, along with their unfiltered pal Jason Mantzoukas, get together and dissect some of the most awful, the most insane, the most baffling movies ever made — sometimes with a special guest along for the ride.

The New Abnormal (The Daily Beast)
Since we've living in extremely abnormal times, you might as well listen to this "podcast for a world gone off the rails," presented by news and opinion website The Daily Beast. Twice a week, editors-at-large Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson holler at reporters, scientists, elected officials, and people across the country as they try to break down how we are living now with this coronavirus pandemic lingering all around us — and how we can persevere. 


Hannah Gadsby: Douglas (Netflix)
A few years ago, Australian comic Hannah Gadsby blew international audiences away with her half-funny/half-brutally honest, one-woman show Nanette, which became a Netflix stand-up special in 2018. And, now, three years later, she's following it up with this sequel of sorts, where she discusses the fame and success she was hit with after Nanette, as well as the male-dominated issues that Gadsby enjoys pounding away with a sledgehammer. (Premieres on Tuesday)

Homecoming (Prime Video)
Star Julia Roberts and showrunner Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot) may be gone, but Amazon Prime's acclaimed psychological thriller must go on. This time around, singer/actress/force of nature Janelle Monae (whose new movie Antebellum is scheduled to hit theaters in August) is the star, as a woman floating in a canoe with no memory of how she got there. Chris Cooper, Hong Chau, and Joan Cusack co-star. (Premieres on Friday)