Swebow dates to come?

A match made in heaven? Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow spark rumors

A match made in heaven? Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow spark rumors

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Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift Jockey/CMA Fest

There has been tons of buzz for young sports stars Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow lately. And because of this, they've recently been lured into the infamous Hollywood rabbit hole with a slew of gossip stories.

The latest being the newly formed, too-good-to-be-true pair of Tebow and Taylor Swift. Why hasn't anyone suggested this before? At least now we can all agree that this modest twosome could actually work. Both are are goody two-shoes stars on the rise; individually talented with unbelievably successful careers.

Over the Oscar weekend with its array of VIP parties taking over Los Angeles, celebrities mingled at the hot gatherings for the big night. At one party in particular, a pre-Oscar bash thrown by mega talent agency WME, the two rising stars were seen "talking for an hour, each happily engaged with one another" a source says. Though this could've been just a casual acquaintance, the couple was spotted again on a posh "dinner date" at Toscanova — twice in one week.

The two were seen arriving together and Tebow walked Swift out at the end of the night. 

Could the innocent NFL star be an inspiration for Swift's next heartbreak hit or will we see more "Swebow" dates to come?