Ferrell goes Fruitcake

Texas town goes Hollywood with new Will Ferrell film on fruitcake scandal

Texas town goes Hollywood with new Will Ferrell true crime film

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Will Ferrell will play an accountant who swindled the company out of $17 million. Courtesy photo

There's a movie in the works about a scandal at a beloved Texas fruitcake company, set to star Will Ferrell and Julianne Moore.

Called Fruitcake, it's based on the true story of Sandy and Kay Jenkins, who embezzled more than $17 million from world-famous fruitcake company Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana.

The money was stolen by Sandy, who worked as an accountant at the company for a decade. According to government records, he and his wife blew it on trips on private jets, shopping sprees, and purchases of 38 vehicles, including a Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and Porsche. The release says that the couple "purchased a new automobile every time they needed an oil change."

They almost single-handedly kept the NorthPark location of Neiman Marcus in business, spending $1.2 million, and earning themselves the nicknames "Fruitcake" and "Cupcake."

The release says that "the Jenkins stopped shopping at Neiman Marcus when Neiman's ran out of things to sell them."

In 2015, Sandy was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Kay was put on probation and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service. Sandy died in prison in March 2019.

Authorities recovered 532 luxury items, including 41 bracelets, 15 pairs of cufflinks, 21 pairs of earrings,16 furs, 61 handbags, 45 necklaces, 9 sets of pearls, 55 rings, and 98 watches, valued at $3.5 million; plus $580,754.90 in cash; plus a wine collection valued at $50,000; plus a Steinway electronic piano valued at $58,500.

A May 2019 story on Deadline was the first to reveal that Ferrell would play Sandy and Kay would be played by Laura Dern.

But the bakery says that Dern had a scheduling conflict resulting from the filming of the latest Jurassic Park movie.

Bob McNutt, president and CEO of Collin Street Bakery, who has been given the honorary title of executive producer in recognition of the bakery's cooperation with production, confirmed that Moore has stepped in to take the role.

"As of now, that is correct," McNutt says.

Ferrell remains committed to the role of Sandy Jenkins.

Rumors began to circulate that filming on the movie had begun in Corsicana following a February 14 appearance by Cheer coach Monica Aldama on a podcast, when she stated that Ferrell was in town filming.

But Corsicana Tourism Director Lauren Bedsole says they were unaware of any filming taking place. "The likelihood is that they won't actually do that much filming in Corsicana itself," Bedsole says.

The script is by Austin-based writer Trey Selman and Max Winkler, Henry Winkler's son, was attached as director.

Producers include Jordan Horowitz (La La Land), Jayme Lemons (Antiquities), Adam Kolbrenner (Prisoners), and Red Sanders (Melville).

Located 50 miles south of Dallas, Collin Street Bakery has been baking fruitcakes since 1896. Their goods include the Deluxe Fruitcake and the Pecan Cake, from recipes brought from Germany, and they ship them all over the world.