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Astros star shocks Houston fast food workers with massive tips in new YouTube video

Astros star shocks Houston fast food workers with massive tips

Alex Bregman high 5 five Astros orange jersey close up
Alex Bregman is spreading the holiday cheer again.  Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Houston Astros Alex Bregman is at it again. The slugger decided to spread some holiday cheer to workers in the Houston area.

In a new episode posted on the third baseman's Youtube channel, he went out with friends and tipped drive-thru workers $1,200. It's a move reminiscent of his recent surprise gift of $500 to a local waitress. 

After pulling up to the drive-thru window, he would ask if the worker accepted tips. If the answer was yes, he would hand them a generous tip.

Bregman's first stop was a Jack In the Box. One of his friends ordered a small curly fry and water, but tipped the drive-thru worker $100. He also stopped at Taco Bell, Sonic, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

At each fast-food restaurants he tipped the employees $100. At KFC, Bregman handed out $800 so that all of the employees working could enjoy an unexpected Christmas bonus.

Many of the employees were shocked and in disbelief, but at the end all of the workers smiled and thanked the MVP.

The Houston athlete launched his YouTube channel in November.


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