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City of Houston responds to neighborhood photo shoot ban

City of Houston responds to neighborhood photo shoot ban

Scenic of Broadacres Houston community North South Street
The City of Houston has weighed in on Broadacres Homeowners Association's move to ban photos on its scenic streets. Barrett Doherty/The Cultural Landscape Foundation

As reported yesterday, many Houstonians are outraged after signs telling photographers they could not shoot in the park and esplanades of Broadacres were posted throughout the community.

Houston Public Works responded to the public in a press release confirming that the esplanade and streets are in the public right-of-way.

The public right-of-way is the area owned by the city which includes: streets sidewalks, drainage ditches, and esplanades.

The press release stated that public ROW is available for anyone in the community for use of legal activities including personal photography. 

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