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Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes: 10 hot singles to rock your November

Marcy, most eligible, November 2012, collage
Collage by Emily Goetz
Marcy, most eligible, Lauren Finkelstein, November 2012
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Fashion Houston launch, October 2012, Jared Lang
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Marcy, most eligible, Annie Shen, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Marco Scandella, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Kimberly Frederick, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Sammy Ford, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Betsy Ellison, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Jason Cohen, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Kim Padgett, November 2012
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Marcy, most eligible, Trent Vann, firefighter, November 2012
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If your Halloween wasn't sweet enough, we've got a treat for you with November's edition of Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

This month, we welcome 10 outstanding individuals with interesting jobs that range from putting out fires to heating up the airwaves.

We want your input, Houston. Who do you want to see in future editions? Email your suggestions to and be sure to put 'Most Eligible' in the subject line.

And mark your calendar for Dec. 21, when CultureMap hosts    a singles mixer featuring Houston's Most Eligible  Bachelors and Bachelorettes at Mr. Peeples.

• Age: 30
• Zodiac sign: Pisces
• Height: 5'3" and a half. The half definitely counts.

Outgoing, energetic and easy to talk to, Finkelstein's personality shines through on air as she DJs mid-day afternoons on Mix 96.5

Finkelstein's career in radio began while she was still a student at The University of Texas. She walked into an Austin radio station and stated confidently, "You need to hire me." The rest is history.

It goes without saying that Finkelstein loves music, she has even sung onstage with the Back Street Boys. "I won a contest. I wore a pink cowboy hat and sung along to the song, "Perfect Fan". I'm pretty sure they turned my mic off!," she says jokingly.

Indeed, a good sense of humor goes a long way with the fun-loving Finkelstein. She points out, “I’m a sucker for a good joke. The cheesier, the better.”

• Favorite thing about Houston: Where do I start?? I love my city. The food, the nightlife, the people, and the fact that I can wear flip flips almost all year long.
• Eat dessert first/ last: Depends on what kind of dessert we're talkin' about!
• The most important value in a relationship: Honesty.
• Pets: My adorable, little white 4-year-old Maltese, Bella. Well, adorable when she's not yapping loud enough for people in Dallas to hear her.
• Favorite type of movie: I'm a total romantic comedy kinda girl. Things never happen like that in real life, but show me a guy holding a boombox over his head outside my window and I'll melt every time.
• Pet peeve: Do not ever get in an elevator with me and take it one floor!
• My ideal mate: He's my other half. Someone outgoing, who always knows the right things to say to make me smile, and someone who can handle the wrath of my 3 sisters.

Age: 41
• Zodiac sign: Aquarius
• Height: 6'

The dealer operator at GM Momentum Audi, Lang is also the founder and CEO of Fashion Houston, which kicks off Nov.12 and runs through Nov. 15.

Originally from Wisconsin, Lang has been in Houston for over 25 years now. Family-oriented, he moved here to be closer to relatives. Friendly and approachable, Lang's charm will instantly make you feel at ease.

Lang gives back to the community by supporting several local charities including Bering Omega, Pink Door and CancerForward.

• Favorite thing about Houston: The diversity and opportunities that Houston affords.
• Early bird/ night owl: Both.
• What sparks your interest: "Real" people.
• The most important value in a relationship: Honesty and respect.
• The last book you read: My next one will be 50 Shades of Gray.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would it be: Princess Diana.
• Pet peeve: Liars.
• My ideal mate: She's secure with herself, genuine and loving.

• Age: 35
• Zodiac sign: Capricorn
• Height: 5'3" to 5'6" depending on the heels!

Shen has always been drawn to art. This passion translated to a career as a senior graphic designer. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Shen moved to New York City where she lived only a few short blocks away from The World Trade Center during 9/11.

Of the experience she says, “It made me appreciate the people of New York, seeing them pouring their hearts out and helping each other. You could see their hearts.”

She stayed another five years before returning home to Houston for a change of pace, to start a new chapter in her life and to be closer to family. She opened her graphic design studio, Annivate, Inc., in 2009.

Regarding her free time Shen notes, “I’m a class junkie – tango classes, name it.” Shen also likes indoor rock climbing, going to happy hour with friends, musicals, running, and traveling.

• Favorite thing about Houston: Family and Memorial Park. I love running at Memorial.
• Early bird/ night owl: More of a mid-day canary.
• Eat dessert first/ last: Way last, if at all! I try to watch what I eat.
• What sparks your interest: Passion and purpose.
• The most important value in a relationship:  I don't think there's one most important value... honesty, commitment, appreciation, and humor are all equally important.
• Pets: A very spoiled Shitzu.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would it be: My future self as a 75-year-old lady.
• Favorite type of movie: Romantic comedy + action combo. I'm too chicken for horror films.
• Pet peeve: Bad table manners.
• My ideal mate: A one-woman-type-of-man that has a direction in life and can make me laugh.

• Age: 22
• Zodiac sign: Pisces
• Height: 6'3"

A professional hockey player for the Houston Aeros, Scandella hails from Montreal, Quebec. While he enjoys living in Houston, he‘s still learning his way around.

Scandella is big into house music and loves to hit the town when his schedule allows. He has even started to DJ. “I do mash-ups, but I’m not yet an expert. I’m hoping to be good enough to start DJing at clubs soon.”

About dating he remarks, “Bowling and shooting pool are good ice breakers.” Furthermore, he says, “I’m into a great bottle of wine and long dinner.” 

The youngest of four kids, Scandella’s favorite movie is Good Will Hunting and his favorite televisions shows are Breaking Bad and Californication.

• Favorite thing about Houston: The weather.
• Early bird/ night owl: Night owl.
• What sparks your interest: Great personality and nice teeth.
The most important value in a relationship: Honesty.
• The last book you read: Hunger Games.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: Notorius B.I.G.
• Pet peeve: Nail biters.
• My ideal mate: She's honest and natural beauty, not too much make up. She likes house music.

• Age: 34
• Zodiac sign: Gemini
• Height: 6'

As part of her job working for a Big Four accounting firm in the global office for technology, Frederick assists in developing enterprise iPod apps for the company. She travels often for work, but when home in Houston, she enjoys the theater, symphony and opera.

A political junkie, Frederick attended the Democratic National Convention in 2008 & 2012 and worked on Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2008.

About Houston Frederick says, “I like that you run into people you know everywhere you go. It’s nice.” Frederick adds, “But I’m always open to meeting and making new friends.”

• Salty or sweet: Salty. I would pick a cheeseburger over cake any day.
• What sparks your interest:  Cheese, politics, Texans Football, clean sheets, Jon Stewat. Or wait, are you talking about a potential date?  Intelligence, humor and attractiveness might go a long way...
• The most important value in a relationship: Communication and trust.
• The last book you read: It’s the Middle Class, Stupid! by James Carville and Stan Greenberg.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be:  Maybe Netanyahu and Abbas?  Perhaps I could broker a deal there.  Yup, I’m that awesome (wink).
• Favorite type of movie: I like all types, but thrillers rank up there.
• My ideal mate: She would be gainfully employed, intelligent, funny, no major emotional crises that are still plaguing her today, attractive, positive, easy going, independent, and well, just normal.

• Age: 30
• Zodiac sign: Leo
• Height: 6’

Born and raised in Houston, Ford graduated from Harvard University before returning to his home state to attend The University of Texas Law School. He currently practices law at notable Houston law firm. 

Says Ford of moving back to town, “Houston had changed so much in the time between -- one of the things that sticks out is food. The restaurant scene in Houston has gotten more interesting, more national and more international.”

Ford has managed to combine his interest in the food scene with his interest in travel. He has gone to Chicago, Napa Valley, New York, and London to try best they have to offer in cuisine. Staying fit and trim, Ford likes to work out and attends Crossfit classes regularly.

• Favorite thing about Houston: That it is constantly reinventing itself and welcoming new people.
• Early bird/ night owl: Neither? 10 a.m. is perfectly respectable.
• Salty/ sweet: Salty, until I’ve denied myself sweets for too long.
• Eat dessert first/ last: Last, but always.
• What sparks your interest: Wit.
• The most important value in a relationship: Flexibility.
• The last book you read: When I am Playing with My Cat, How Do I Know She Is Not Playing with Me?
• Pets: A dog named Etta James.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: Prince.
• My ideal mate: She's intelligent and driven. She’s interested in what I do, but has her own passion and drive.


• Age: 25
• Zodiac sign: Libra
• Height: 6'

Ellison, the youngest of three girls, is from Hillsboro, Texas. Her dad was the high school principal, but started out as the athletic coach; Ellison grew up playing sports and still enjoys running in 5ks.

Ellison attended Texas A&M University and majored in communications and journalism. Just out of college, she worked as a reporter for a magazine but wanted more contact with people; thus, she choose a career in marketing as a communications coordinator.

Ellison enjoys hanging out with friends. She's a karaoke enthusiast and an Aggie football fan. Ellison declares, “I also like to shoot skeet and go to driving range. And I love live music."

• Early bird/ night owl: Definitely a night owl. I enjoy sleeping in whenever it is possible.
• What sparks your interest: Hearing people’s unique stories. When I was in college I interned at a major magazine in Texas, and one of my duties was to transcribe interviews. You wouldn’t believe the amazing stories I heard from doing that. I could have sat there and listened to them forever. People are fascinating, and nothing sparks my interest more than learning someone’s history.
• Pets: I have a cat, Thor, but I’m definitely a dog person too.
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: Stevie Nicks. Not a day goes by I don't listen to her music.
• Favorite type of movie: Comedy. Laughter is the best medicine!
• Pet peeve: When people leave their blinkers on after changing lanes…strange?
• My ideal mate: He is tall (obviously), rustic, outdoorsy and has a wonderful sense of humor. He likes to go out to the dance hall, gets along with my best friends and keeps me on my toes.

• Age: 25
• Zodiac sign: Taurus
• Height: 6'4"

The head of sales for Blum’s Fine Furniture, Cohen’s creative side is satisfied by various film and music projects; he co-owns Big Sexy Entertainment with his brother.

If that's not enough to keep him busy, he also models for an agency and writes a blog.

Cohen's appreciation for fashion stems from having spent a few years in New York. “It got me appreciative of design. I got really into men’s clothes, creativity, art, beauty,” he states.

• Early bird/ night owl: I am both regularly.
• What sparks your interest: Beauty, intelligence, elegance, youth, style, design, open-minded thinking, and opportunity.
• The most important value in a relationship: Loyalty, mutual respect and fun. Compatibility and chemistry are essential, otherwise it will get boring fast.
• The last book you read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: Bill Clinton. I met him back in college, but I think he'd be an interesting guy to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to. Alternatively, I'd love the opportunity to talk to my great great great grandchild. I think it would be a trip to encounter one of my descendants.
• My ideal mate: She's beautiful, confident, intelligent, loyal,
open-minded, and compassionate. Someone who "gets it".

• Age: Old enough to know better.
• Zodiac sign: Libra, it's all about balance.
• Height: 5’4"

With a masters in journalism, Padgett started out as a magazine editor. She was recruited away by another company; this led to a career in public relations. Now the owner of two companies, The Padgett Group and CORE Conceptions, Padgett works hard, but leaves plenty of time for fun, and for giving back.

“Charity work is really important to me as is spending time with the people I love -- family and friends,” states Padgett. Easy going, time spent with loved ones could be anything from a Dynamo game to a gala.

Padgett enjoys trying new restaurants…and new foods. “I have an adventurous palate. I was in China and bought bugs in the market and ate them. But I let my friend try them first,” she says laughingly.

Padgett is a lucky charm when comes to cards. She notes, “I'm surprisingly good at poker and blackjack. I always win in Vegas!”

• Favorite thing about Houston: The people.
• Salty or sweet: Spicy.
• Eat dessert first or last: Life is unsure, always eat dessert first.
• What sparks your interest: Intelligent, well-traveled, sharp sense of humor, intentional, and charity minded
What’s the most important value in a relationship: To be invaluable. And communication.
• The last book you read: Steinbeck's A Life in Letters. My favorite quote from the book is, “Nothing good gets away.”
• Pets: My dog Cassidy is a Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) honoree this year and I couldn't be happier!
• If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: J.D. Salinger
• Favorite type of movie: Definitely comedy, there’s enough drama in real life.
• Pet peeve: Bad grammar.
• My ideal mate: He's apparently from the Outback?

Age: 27
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 6'3"

Vann, a firefighter and personal trainer, enjoys the outdoors, going to sporting events (he is big Texans fan) and weight lifting. Look for this native Houstonian in the 2013 Houston Fire Fighters Calendar.

Mr. February, Vann jumped at the chance to participate; proceeds from sales benefit the Houston Fire Fighters Burned and Crippled Children’s Fund.

Early bird/ night owl: My job forces me to be both.
Salty/ sweet: Sweet tooth wins.
Eat dessert first/ last: Momma taught me well. I always wait until after.
What sparks your interest: Fitness.
The last book you read: Man Alive by Patrick Morely.
If you could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be: I'd meet the 343 that gave their lives on 9/11.
Pet peeve: People talking on their cell phone while in my car. I'm not your driver! Don't even ask me how I feel about Bluetooth.
My ideal mate: I'm an honest, drama-free, genuine gentleman interested in someone who can relate to my passion for healthy living & staying fit. She's someone who is career driven, ambitious, optimistic, and exciting. Life is too short to be with someone who brings negativity into your life so you've always gotta look at the glass as being half full. Gotta work hard and play harder.