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On the road to success & positive change: 10 best quotes from the Texas Conference for Women

On the road to success & positive change: 10 best quotes from the Texas Conference for Women

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Brene Brown brought audience members on stage during her keynote

Thousands of ambitious women gathered in Austin at the Texas Conference for Women where they participated in strength-building workshops, motivational seminars and skill-building breakouts.

We kept tabs on the 10 best quotes of the day, which are bound to resonate with any woman seeking success and positive change long after the conference's close.

Brené Brown, leading research expert in vulnerability and New York Times Bestselling Author:

"You can be absolutely afraid and completely brave in the very same moment."

"Being vulnerable feels scary and unsafe, but not nearly as much as standing on the outside of our lives, looking in."

“Daring greatly…is stepping up and letting ourselves be seen. Jumping out of a plane would be easier.”

Cathie Black, former president-turned-chairman of Hearst Magazines and author of New York Times Bestseller Basic Black: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life):

"Women have a graduate degree in taking things personally."

"Women bond, men barely adhere."

"Assume that the place at that table is rightfully yours and take it."

"If you don't ask, you don't get."

Charlotte Beers, former advertising CEO and Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs:

"Men don't know how to see the leadership potential in women, so deliver it — don't make them guess."

"It's about the relationships you have and how you behave that matters the most."

Gretchen Rubin, seeker of joy and author of New York Times Bestseller The Happiness Project:

"[For a happier home] get more sleep, make your bed and establish a kissing schedule."

Plus one to grow on...

Patti Rogers, founder of Rallyhood:

"When our hearts and minds aren't cluttered, there's time to witness inspiration."