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Celebrity MTV Jackass trickster caught mid-stunt at Houston-area Buc-ee's

Celebrity Jackass trickster caught mid-stunt at Houston-area Buc-ee's

Steve-O jackass buc-ee's wharton police
Steve-O was caught taking his talents to an area Buc-ee's by a local police officer.  Wharton Police Department/Facebook

A popular TV personality was caught in the act at local Buc-ee's, but apparently, no charges were filed.

MTV Jackass celebrity stunt performer Steve-O showed up a Wharton Buc-ee's this week to attempt one of his signature stunts. Video posted to TikTok by TD Lynch shows customers crowding around Steve-O, who is seen on a counter with a skateboard about to attempt a trick.

That's when Steve-O met Officer Pannell of Wharton PD. Rather than accost the celebrity Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College graduate, Officer Parnell snapped a photo.

As Wharton County Police Department shared on Facebook, "You never know who you may run into at Buc-ee's! Steve-O is super cool, but Officer Pannell, you'd better not get lured into doing any crazy stuff!!!"


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