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New York sends healthcare workers and 10,000 COVID-19 tests to Houston

New York sends healthcare workers and 10,000 COVID-19 tests to Houston

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sent valuable resources to Houston.  valentinrussanov/Getty Images

The state of New York has sent two teams of COVID-19 testing staff to Houston. Over the next two weeks, the two teams are expected to conduct 10,000 COVID-19 tests with supplies donated from New York.

"We help so much in New York, that we said once we were able to calm down in New York, we're going to go out and help others that helped us," explained Vice President at Northwell Health Eddie Fraser, who is helping to set up the two testing locations. "Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo picked Houston, you guys are a hotspot, so we're here to help you guys."

Around 20 healthcare workers arrived over the weekend. They set up at Fallbrook Church in Houston's northwest side on Monday. On Tuesday, they open a second location, Higher Dimension Church, in Houston's southwest side.

Local clergy say as soon as they got the call from the mayor's office, they opened up their facilities.

"One thing about Fallbrook Church, all our facility is open to the community," said Pastor Olus Holder. "We wanted people to be comfortable, we didn't want them to be out in the heat."

The two sites will be able to test 500 people a day, and the best part may be the speed. New York has partnered with a lab that includes a Houston location, meaning the turnaround time for results is just two days.

"We're very appreciative," said Mayor Sylvester Turner, who participated in a conference call with Gov. Cuomo Monday morning.

Those interested in these two testing locations need to call for an appointment here: 1-833-697-4839.


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