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Houston reigns in ranking of the best cities in the world for Brits on the move

Houston reigns in ranking of the best cities for Brits on the move

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In case any more royals are looking to relocate, Houston is high on the list. Getty Images

Could Houston see its own British invasion? Perhaps. A new ranking from a personal finance website ranks the Bayou City No. 29 on its list of the  world’s best cities for United Kingdom residents seeking to relocate.

The website, money.co.uk, weighed seven factors to come up with its list of the 50 top cities for Brits. It then assigned a relocation score to each city, with 10 being the highest. No. 1 San Francisco earned a score of 7.76, compared with 6.48 for both Austin (No. 5) and Washington, D.C.

Houston comes in with a relocation score of 4.82 Another Texas city made the list: No. 9 Dallas, with a relocation score of 6.

 Factors that the website considered are:

  • Average annual temperature
  • Average annual rainfall
  • Number of green spaces per 100,000 people
  • Life expectancy
  • Average internet download speed
  • Average salary
  • Job listings per 100,000 people

It’s worth noting that housing prices and cost of living weren’t part of the scoring mix.

As locals know, Houston already boasts strong ties to the UK, with companies such as British Petroleum calling the city home to their headquarters.