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These 13 Instagram accounts celebrate Houston and the best our quirky, crazy, fabulous city has to offer

These Instagram accounts celebrate the best Houston has to offer

Houston Instagram accounts
Postcards from Houston (@htx_) is a less filtered ode to Bayou City. @htx_/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
@igofhouston shows the soul of Houston through art, architecture, street art, and more. @igofhouston/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
@bestfoodhouston showcases the most mouthwatering dishes in town. @eatwithchrystal via @bestfoodhouston/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
@dynamite_will's love of Houston architecture is infectious. @dynamite_will/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Find your next favorite local photographer through @houston_photographers's collection. @houston_photographers/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Longtime photojournalist Ben DeSoto (@bendesotophotography) captures the local concert scene in the 1980s for the perfect #ThrowbackThursday every day. @bendesotophotography/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
If you're not following Nasa's Johnson Space Center (@nasajohnson), can you really call yourself a Houstonian?  @nasajohnson/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Designer Dalia Rihani (@drihani12) illustrates homes in the Heights neighborhood. @drihani12/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
@houpulse has a photo for every occasion. @houpulse/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Follow @houstonhotspots for the lowdown on new restaurants and happenings around town. @houstonhotspots/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
@houstoncity will remind you just why you choose to call Houston home—much needed on 100+ degree days. @houstoncity/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
The Instagram feed of Houston's favorite winter festival Day for Night (@dayfornightfest) keeps the fun going all year long. @dayfornightfest/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Lifestyle blogger @hipster_hotspots highlights trendy coffee shops, healthier bites, and colorful plates around town. @hipster_hotspots/Instagram
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts
Houston Instagram accounts

Houston pride comes in many different forms. Whether it’s cheering on one of our pro sports teams, indulging in uniquely local cuisine like Vietnamese crawfish, or defending Space City to out-of-towners, we love celebrating our city.

Instagrammers are no exception. From documenting the city’s mouthwatering dishes to showing off the beautiful skyline, there are tons of Houston-based accounts dedicated to finding the best this city has to offer. As one of the nation’s hotspots for contemporary art, Instagram-loving foodies, and creative photographers, Houston is pretty damn photogenic.

For some serious Bayou City love and inspiration in your feed, follow these 13 accounts.

When it feels like 120 degrees outside and you need reminding that Houston is the best city on Earth, take a peek at @houstoncity. Gorgeous pictures of city lights, Galveston palm trees, and colorful sunsets will set you right.


photo by @safatajphoto

A post shared by Houston (@houstoncity) on

Jul 5, 2017 at 12:18pm PDT


It’s tough to keep up with all the food-related accounts in Houston (see @houstonfoodbloggercollective), but @bestfoodhouston’s handle says it all. With a variety of mouthwatering pictures ranging from sushi burritos to mac n’ cheese sandwiches to acai bowls, I dare you to scroll through their feed without drooling.



Local photographer Ben DeSoto has more than three decades of photojournalism work under his belt, which is why every day is #ThrowbackThursday on his account. His old school photos capture shots of the Houston concert scene in the 1980s, along with the occasional cityscape.


Really Red at The Island 1983 in Houston Tx.

A post shared by Bendesotophotography (@bendesotophotography) on

Jul 6, 2017 at 1:47pm PDT


Houston Pulse has the perfect picture for every occasion. If it’s a rainy day, they post about it. If it’s a holiday or National Something or Other day, they post about it. They really are “the pulse of Houston.”


No trip to Houston is complete without a visit to the Johnson Space Center. Make your feed more educational with telescope news, updates on the new class of astronauts, and a peek at the latest celebrity visitors.


@astro2fish is going on his first spacewalk today! Watch live now at nasa.gov/live. Expedition 51 Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA is seen inside the International Space Station in his spacesuit during a fit check, in preparation for a spacewalk on Friday, May 12, 2017. Fischer and Expedition 51 Commander Peggy Whitson of NASA will exit the station's Quest airlock to replace an avionics box that routes command and data information to external science experiments. The photograph was taken by astronaut Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency, who will assist the spacewalkers from inside the station. This will be the 200th spacewalk at the station for assembly and maintenance, the ninth spacewalk for Whitson and the first for Fischer, who commented, "Test driving my spacesuit for a walk outside on Friday w/@AstroPeggy...I don’t think I can smile any bigger--well, maybe I will on Friday!" #spacewalk #space #nasa #iss

A post shared by NASA Johnson Space Center (@nasajohnson) on

May 12, 2017 at 5:08am PDT

You don't usually find freezing summertime lodging in Houston, but @NASAWebb has entered our enormous thermal vacuum chamber for testing! This chamber will simulate an environment where the telescope will experience extreme cold -- around 37 Kelvin (minus 236 degrees Celsius or minus 393 degrees Fahrenheit), to ensure the telescope's optics will operate at its frigid destination 1 million miles out in space. #space #science #cold #telescope #freezing #summer #nasa #testing

A post shared by NASA Johnson Space Center (@nasajohnson) on

Jun 26, 2017 at 11:28am PDT


Designer Dalia Rihani’s “Home of the Heights” project will add a creative twist to your daily dose of Houston inspo. What started as a birthday present for her fiance turned into a growing collection of illustrations celebrating the homes of the historic Heights neighborhood.


For a different take on Clutch City, check out local photographer @dynamite_will’s closer look at Houston architecture. His dark color scheme makes our city look like a land of mystery and intrigue.


Then Real Life hits

A post shared by WILLIAM W (@dynamite_will) on

May 3, 2017 at 12:23pm PDT


The local gurus behind @houstonhotspots are out to discover the best of the best in Houston to share with their followers. They give you the lowdown on new restaurants, upcoming events, and where to find the most stacked ice cream cones around. 


For a good snapshot of life in Houston, look no further than @houston_photographers. Crowdsourcing photos and videos from locals, the account showcases the many different views of Houston.


Hwy 610, a look down from above 📷@abollato #houston_photographers

A post shared by Houston, Texas. (@houston_photographers) on

Jun 28, 2017 at 10:50am PDT


The breakout music and art festival Day for Night takes place every winter, but it keeps its Instagram updated year-round. Think interviews and updates from festival artists, cool light installations, and concert pics to get you psyched for December.



Postcards from Houston explores different aspects of Clutch City from food to brews to festivals to architecture. The more personalized account features creative, eye-catching pics that go easier on the editing for a more approachable view of Houston.



Lifestyle blogger Nanja moved to Houston from abroad a couple of years ago and hasn’t stopped exploring since. For trendy coffee shops, healthier bites, and colorful plates, she’s got you covered.


#latteart perfection at one of my fav neighborhood spots @throughgoodc

A post shared by Hipster Hotspots in Houston (@hipster_hotspots) on

Jul 8, 2017 at 12:25pm PDT



The Houston Instagram Community captures the soul of Houston through art, architecture, sports, street art, and more. Basically, our city never looked cooler.

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