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Houston, prepare for major construction downtown at the Gulf Freeway

Houston, prepare for major construction downtown at the Gulf Freeway

Minute Maid Park downtown aerial view
Downtown drivers will soon face more headaches.  Courtesy photo

It's a tumultuous time for downtown drivers. The next several months will likely inspire cheers and jeers for the construction projects along the Gulf Freeway.

The direct connector ramp from the Gulf Freeway to I-69 northbound is currently closed for reconstruction, so when driver Rene Sanchez takes the Gulf Freeway into downtown, he avoids other drivers by exiting Scott Street. He's often fearful of what he sees them doing along that stretch of highway.

"Last minute decision-making, confusion, and near accidents," says Sanchez. For Sanchez and other commuters, traffic flow is about to change once again.

The good news
The Gulf Freeway connector to I-69 northbound through downtown Houston is scheduled to open in August, along with the at-grade exit to St. Joseph Parkway and Pease Street.

The bad news
The I-45 connector to I-69 southbound is slated for demolition and reconstruction. It is scheduled to close in October and re-open in March.

TxDOT is hoping the result is a less congested interchange through downtown. In fact, the direct connectors are going to start farther back to give drivers more time to make decisions, and exit to the right to help with traffic flow.

For those who requent the UH campus, part of this project is also a new entrance ramp onto the highway from Cullen Boulevard.


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