DNC in H-town?

Houston on the ballot as finalist to host DNC 2020

Houston on the ballot as finalist to host DNC 2020

Houston skyline
Houston's chances have improved after a major city dropped out.  Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Houston will compete with two other cities for the Democratic National Convention, making it a finalist for the event in 2020, mayor Sylvester Turner announced on June 20.

Miami, Milwaukee, and Denver were in the running, bringing the total field down from eight. Then Denver dropped out, according to Turner. He adds that Houston has the best shot.

"Our chances grew exponentially," he says. 

Turner has been more involved with the DNC bid after a failed bid for Amazon that he bemoaned when results came out. Turner expressed disappointment over the failed bid for Amazon's new headquarters after a city partnership offered the Seattle-based company at least $268 million in "cash and tax incentives."

Turner also suggested it helps our chances of getting the Republican convention four years later.

Details of the bid have not been released.


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