Diversity In Houston

It's official: Houston is recognized as one of the most diverse cities in America

It's official: Houston is named one of the most diverse cities in USA

While it may seem like common knowledge that Houston is an incredibly diverse city, the results of a new study indicate that, indeed, the Bayou City deserves such recognition.

WalletHub's 2015 Most Diverse Cities in America study ranks Houston as one of the top 10 most diverse cities in America, coming in at No. 7 overall. Houston is the only city ranked in the top 10 that is not located in California or Washington.

Houston is the only city ranked in the top 10 that is not located in California or Washington.

To identify the most diverse cities in America, the personal financial site analyzed 230 cities across four major categories: economic class diversity, ethno-racial and linguistic diversity, economic diversity and household diversity. (In the rankings of each category, 1 is considered most diverse and 115 average diversity.)

It found that Houston ranked No. 16 for ethno-racial and linguistic diversity, No. 20 for economic diversity, No. 67 for economic class diversity and  No. 81 for household diversity. Other categories measured other qualifiers for Houston, such as educational diversity (Houston ranked No. 6 in the nation), industry diversity (No. 27), racial and ethnic diversity (No. 37) and language diversity (No. 49).

When all these factors were averaged in and compared with the other cities, Houston ties with Kent, Washington for the No. 7 spot.

All of the top five ranked cities are located in California, including Los Angeles (No. 1), Long Beach (No. 2), San Diego (No. 3), Anaheim (also tied for No. 3) and Sacramento (No. 5). 

Other Texas cities that ranked highly on the list for overall diversity included Fort Worth at No. 12, Arlington at No. 14, Dallas at No. 16 and Austin at No. 20.

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A new study from WalletHub has identified Houston as the No. 7 most diverse city in America.   Courtesy photo
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