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Rachel Brown's lawyer accused of harassment, being "sexually inappropriate" in Hand Center doc divorce

Rachel Brown's lawyer accused of harassment, being "sexually inappropriate" in Hand Center doc divorce

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The attorney for Rachel Brown (shown here with Jeff Bagwell) is being accused of misconduct. Rachel Brown , Jeff Bagwell Photo by Gary Fountain
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Marshall Davis Brown Jr. Pavlas Brown & York
Michael Brown Photo by Daniel Ortiz
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Michael Brown, the prominent founder of the Brown Hand Center, is not exactly known for his good track record with women, with a felony conviction (from beating his third wife in 2002), a herpes lawsuit and another assault trial (where he was found not guilty) on the books.

But this time it's another Brown who is accused of bad behavior. Two female attorneys representing Michael Brown and his relevant corporate entities in the divorce from Rachel Brown have filed a motion for sanction against Rachel's lawyer, Marshall Davis Brown, Jr. (no relation), calling his statements and conduct "extreme, outrageous and sexually inappropriate."

The comments described by attorneys Jeanne Caldwell McDowell and Mary-Olga Lovett include "referring to a female attorney as a 'cunt,' a 'flat-chested bitch' and a 'dumb shit'," telling a female attorney he "has never been so embarrassed by a white woman," offering to examine an attorney's breasts for lumps, suggesting to an attorney that they share a hotel room, describing an attorney as working for an "escort service" and, perhaps creepiest of all, describing an attorney with "Daddy like."

 Two female attorneys called his statements and conduct "extreme, outrageous and sexually inappropriate." 

The motion makes clear that the conduct is attributable only to Mr. Brown and not his client, Rachel Brown. With a hearing scheduled for Tuesday morning, the attorneys have asked the court to admonish Brown not to make sexually based or disparaging remarks based on gender over the course of his representation, and to direct Brown to make a $1,000 donation to the Houston Area Women's Shelter.

Sounds like this ugly divorce just keeps getting uglier.


Marshall Brown has filed a response to the motion, and it is truly special. Brown charges that the court has no right to sanction him because the statements occurred neither in a courtroom nor during court proceedings. While not denying any of the examples of his comments the original motion contains, Brown does defend himself.

He clarifies to the court that he never called the attorneys "flat-chested" or "cunt" to their face, which obviously makes it OK per the rules of middle school mean girls. However if one of the attorneys secretly had him on a three-way call to see what he would say about the other person, he could still be held responsible. Additionally, he only referred to one attorney as "dumbshit" to her face because he had previously referred to her as "dear" in a "condescending manner," and she objected, prompting him to ask whether she "liked dumbshit any better."

Basically, if Marshall Brown was a Real Housewife, he would be Teresa.

Also, Brown totally did not mean to call an attorney an escort. He just saw a woman standing with another member of the opposing counsel at 10:30 a.m., assumed she was a prostitute, and made a comment about it to the male attorney. (According to sources said female attorney was wearing a black suit at the time.)

It could happen to anyone, guys. And that thing about sharing a hotel room? It was a joke, geez! Some people just don't get dirty old man humor.

Brown also says that the only time he referred to female attorneys as "bitch" and "daddy like" was in a text message to attorney and motion co-signer Robert Kuehm, and goes for the classic 'but he did it first' defense by alleging that Kuehm himself made disparaging remarks about Rachel Brown, calling her a "crack ho" and "Brown's bitch," and making other sexually suggestive comments including "comparing his own genitalia to that of a black co-worker during his time working for railroads."

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