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Former Houston Texans superstar serves up meatless burgers to locals in need

Former Houston Texans star delivers meatless burgers to locals in need

Houston, J.J. Watt Charity Classic, May 2017, DeAndre Hopkins, Sabrina Greenlee
DeAndre Hopkins (pictured with his mother, Sabrina Greenlee) has provided meatless meals to Houstonians in need. Photo by Michelle Watson/Catchlight Group

In March, the Houston Texans shocked the professional football world by trading DeAndre Hopkins  — arguably the best wide receiver in football —  to the Arizona Cardinals. The move sent shockwaves throughout the Texans’ locker room (notably, franchise quarterback, Deshaun Watson), fan communities, and the media.

Many, across the nation, wondered what prompted the shocking deal.  “There was no relationship,” Hopkins told Sports Illustrated of his apparently non-bond with Texans head coach, Bill O’Brien. "Make sure you put that in there. There's not a lot to speak about.”

While there may be “no relationship” between the owner of the debatably the best hands in football and his former coach, Houston fans can rest assured that Hopkins enjoys a deep love for the Bayou City.

To that end, Hopkins announced that he has partnered with Beyond Meat on the Feed A Million+ pledge to donate and distribute more than 1 million Beyond Burgers over 30 days across the U.S. to those in need. Hopkins selected the Madge Bush Transitional Living Center near Third Ward as the recipient of the Beyond Burgers gift.

Showing some love, the NFL megastar posted this heartfelt message on Instagram about the campaign:

Thank you to @beyondmeat for allowing me to give meals to Madge Bush Transitional Living Center in Houston and the Boys and Girls Club in Phoenix. Beyond Meat has made a pledge to donate over 1M Beyond Meat meals to those in need during these challenging times and I’m thankful I was given a chance to give to people in my community. Stay safe and stay at home everyone. #GoBeyond

Hopkins is one of a slew of celebrities promoting Beyond Meat. Stars such as Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Lindsey Vonn, Todd Gurley, and DeAndre Jordan have all joined the meatless movement.