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Houston funeral services announced for former first lady Barbara Bush

Houston funeral services announced for former first lady Barbara Bush

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The public will have a chance to pay their respects to Barbara Bush this week.  Courtesy photo

The flags have been lowered to half-staff at the funeral home where friends and family will gather to privately visit the body of Barbara Bush. The private visitation will be held at Geo. H. Lewis & Sons Funeral Home in Houston Wednesday, April 18, and Thursday, April 19.

Here is the updated scheduleof services.


The public will be able to say goodbye to Mrs. Bush whose body will be lying in repose. That viewing will be held at St. Martin's Church between noon and midnight.

You cannot park directly at the church. You must go to Second Baptist Church on Woodway Dr. to park, and then go through security.

Houston Metro bus service will shuttle visitors from the Second Baptist Parking Lot to St. Martin's.


A private funeral service will be held at Second Baptist Church. The service will be for 1,500 guests. Mrs. Bush has repeatedly said she wanted a very simple service. Several former presidents and first ladies plan to attend.

After the service, there will be a funeral procession from Houston to College Station that will proceed through Memorial Park. The motorcade will go north on Westcott, then up Highway 290, Highway 6, into College Station via Texas Avenue. The procession will turn left on George Bush Drive, and right into the library on Barbara Bush Drive.

Mrs. Bush will be laid to rest next to her daughter, Robin, who died from Leukemia at 3-years-old.

The burial ceremony will be private.


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