J.J. Watt Mash-Up With Kate Hudson

It's a Snapchat date full of laughs for J.J. Watt and Kate Hudson

It's a Snapchat date full of laughs for J.J. Watt and Kate Hudson

J.J. Watt Kate Hudson Snapchat
Kate Hudson shared some snaps from her date with J.J. Watt. Daily SnapChat/Youtube

Maybe J.J. Watt isn't the man we all thought he was.

Sure, people think of the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year as spending his off-seasons in quiet solitude, training for next season by flipping massive truck tires, but he's still a handsome, 27-year old superstar. Even though he doesn't talk about his dating life much, the man's entitled to a personal life, too. 

Maybe it shouldn't come as such a surprise that Watt showed up on Snapchat while on a date with actress Kate Hudson. Over a few snaps, she struggled to place a filter of stars on Watt's head. "Apparently, the stars belong to the hottest person on the date, that's why Kate wins," Watt quips just before Hudson finally succeeds.

Watch the clip below to see more of J.J Watt's date with Kate Hudson.

Of course, neither Watt nor Hudson are strangers to celebrity dating. He had been linked to professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, while Hudson has dated both baseball player Alex Rodriguez and professional cyclist Lance Armstrong. 

Maybe Watt's just following through on the effort he told NFL.com that he wanted to make to enjoy life more. 

"I need to be more in the moment. I need to enjoy everything that's happening, because it's all gonna be gone eventually," he said. "And I think that's my biggest thing right now. I don't want to look back on these years and think, Man, I should have enjoyed that more. I'm actually focusing on working hard at having more fun, and I'm trying to enjoy the moment more."