Hand doc saga

News-savvy thieves caught at hand doc Michael Brown's home while he's on the way to jail

Thieves caught during break-in at hand doc's home

Dr. Michael Brown, in jail, jail cell
As Michael Brown awaited sentencing on Friday, two thieves attempted to grab loot from this Memorial-area home. Photo illustration by Jan-Pieter Zuiderveen
Kaylabeth Ronnenkamp, left, and Nathan Seward, trespassing, Dr. Michael Brown
Dr. Michael Brown, in jail, jail cell

Two news-savvy thieves took advantage of the media frenzy surrounding Michael Brown's sentencing last Friday morning when the pair attempted to break into the notorious hand doctor's Memorial-area home.

Jodi Silva, a spokesperson with the Houston Police Department, tells CultureMap that 23-year-old suspect Nathan Seward smashed through a rear window of Brown's house around 9:30 a.m. as 24-year-old accomplice Kaylabeth Ronnenkamp waited on the street in a getaway car.

Perhaps Seward and Ronnenkamp could have even discovered some of the purchases Brown made in 2011 as "business expenses" — like  an $80,000 watch or $111,000 in jewelry from Cartier.

A woman walking pass the home — located just around the corner from the 13,000-square-foot mansion where the the doc's estranged wife Rachel Brown resides — noticed the rather suspicious-looking couple and called the police.

Officers arrived moments later to find Seward attempting to break through a front window to escape. Both suspects were apprehended and charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor.

Had they not been spotted, the thieves would have had plenty of time to look for valuables. Family court judge Sheri Dean sentenced Dr. Brown to 180 days in a Harris County jail for failing to restrict his penchant for buying luxury goods until his divorce with Rachel Brown is finalized.

Perhaps Seward and Ronnenkamp could have even discovered some of the purchases Brown made in 2011 as "business expenses" but was currently unable to find — items like an $80,000 watch from a store in New York City or jewelry from a $111,000 spending spree at Cartier.

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