snow day 2021

Houstonians unleash a flurry of fun-filled photos on an unforgettable snow day

Houston Midtown skyline snow
Photo by Lynn in Midtown
Houston Heights snow 2021
Photo by Greg in The Heights
Houston Oak Forest snow 2021
Photo by Deena in Oak Forest
Houston snow fireplace
Photo by Alexander in Montrose
houston snow 2021 girl snowball
Photo by Abhi in West University
now houston 2021 energy corridor
Photo by Elizabeth in the Energy Corridor
Houston Midtown snow HCC 2021
Photo by Lynn in Midtown
houston snow 2021 river oaks kent schaffer
Photo by Kent in River Oaks
Houston Rosenberg snow
Photo by Jocelyn in Rosenberg
Houston West University snow
Photo by Nancy in West University
Houston River Oaks snow
Photo by Mary Jane in River Oaks
houston snow 2021 Juli
Photo by Juli in The Heights
houston snow 2021 snow in houston
Photo by Kelly in Energy Corridor
Houston Midtown snow 2021
Photo by Milian in Midtown
Houston Midtown light rail snow
Photo by Lynn in Midtown
Houston Montrose snow
Photo by Gina in Montrose
snow houston wine bottles
Photo by Harmony in Energy Corridor
Houston Montrose snow
Photo by Gina in Montrose
houston snow 2021 sledding
Photo by Marissa in Houston
houston snow 2021 snow angel
Photo by Silvia in Kingwood
houston snow 2021 katy
Photo by Kellye in Katy
houston snow 2021 heights welcome mat
Photo by John in The Heights

As the coldest February in 122 years pummeled Houston, locals took to the outdoors to capture their best snowy images. Some are somber, some serene, some silly — but all reveal a Houston enduring yet another storm (we all remember Harvey too well).

From wine chilled by natural ice to car skiing, these photos are proof that no matter the weather, Houstonians can make the most of a dangerous situation (thousands are still without power; some are going without water as well).

Here, then, is a flurry of reader photos — last names omitted for privacy — of our unforgettable snow day.


The city skyline captured by Lynn in Midtown.

Car skiing (it's a thing) in The Heights.

A winter wonderland in Oak Forest.

Burning the fanciest wood in Montrose.

Crafting a giant snowball in West University.

A serene snow day in the Energy Corridor.

Snow in Midtown.

Snow chic in River Oaks.

Bundled up in Rosenberg.

Deep in the heart of Texas — and West University.

It could be New England; it's actually River Oaks.

Snow strolling in The Heights.

Floofy fun in the Energy Corridor.

Snowfall in Midtown.

More snow along the tracks in Midtown.

Happy trails in Montrose.

Chilling wine the natural way in the Energy Corridor.

Tracking the powder in Montrose.

'Redneck' sledding in Houston.

Making snow angels in Kingwood.

Snow day in Katy.

A memorable marker in The Heights.