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Montrose bridges will again brighten up the Houston night

Montrose bridges will again brighten up the Houston night

Montrose bridge lights
The lights on the Southwest Freeway brigges near Montrose are back on, thanks to new donations. District

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If you're driving down the Southwest Freeway near Montrose, you may notice that the bridge lights are back on, after days of darkness. 

The lights were turned off on January 19, because the Montrose Management District could not pay the utility bill while under a temporary court order, City officials said.

In a tweet on January 26, Mayor Sylvester Turner offered to commit campaign funds to restore the bridge lights.


"We are incredibly humbled and honored to have our local community step forward with generous offers of donations and support to turn the bridge lights back on," Ben Brewer, executive director of Montrose Management District, said in a statement. "These bridge lights are a powerful symbol of Houston's unity, diversity and ingenuity and we are beyond delighted to turn them back on."

Donations were accepted from the community and Reliant Energy also contributed to restoring the bridge lights.

"Now we can indeed light the night with color again, thanks to a very quickly formed partnership," Turner said in a statement. "It shows how bright the results can be when Houstonians work together."