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What to expect as wintry weather hits Houston for the next 24 hours

What to expect as wintry weather hits Houston for the next 24 hours

Snow in the Houston Woodlands
Meteorologists expect icy — and potentially dangerous — conditions through Wednesday.  Courtesy photo/ABC-13

Editor's note: Our content partner ABC-13/The Eyewitness News weather team is closely monitoring the Winter Storm Warning for our area. Look for live updates and video all day. 

The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for southeast Texas in effect until midnight Wednesday, January 17. The counties included are Brazos, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Walker, and Waller. The following is a timeline of expected weather changes:

This morning: Cold rain changing over to ice and freezing rain. This will last through the middle part of the day, then transitioning over to pellets and snowflakes, later. Light accumulations of ice and snow are expected. Temperatures are very cold and dropping.

Tonight: Temperatures dropping into the mid 20s, with wind chills in the 10 to 20 range by Wednesday morning. Some road conditions are expected to worsen if there's moisture on the roads.

Wednesday morning: Precipitation comes to an end for our central and Gulf counties, but it will a very cold morning with low wind chills in down to 10 to 20 degrees.

Video: ABC-13 meteorologist Travis Herzog is tracking the winter storm.