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Downtown Houston throws open window on cool new public art project

Downtown Houston throws open window on cool new public art project

Beast Syndicate "The City of Future Past" WindowWorks 609 Main
"WindowWorks" features works such as The City of Future Past from artist Beast Syndicate at 609 Main. Photo Morris Malakoff

Downtown Houston is opening up a refreshing new series of public art. As part of the Downtown District’s Art Blocks public art program, “WindowWorks” transforms vacant storefronts with visual art to enliven the downtown streetscape. The new works are now on view.

“WindowWorks” is a partnership between the Houston Downtown Management District (Downtown District) and UP Art Studio. The installation consists of a new series of public artworks by Texas-based artists along Main Street, according to a press release.

Viewers can simply stroll along Main Street to take in the installation. The 18 designs will also be featured on Houston Mural Map. As CultureMap previously reported, Mural Map is a new online source for murals and street art installations throughout the Greater Houston area.

Last December, the Downtown District and UP Art Studio released an open call for Texas visual artists from all disciplines to submit designs. The presentation format will initially focus on windows located on and around Main Street, with the possibility of expanding to other storefronts throughout downtown, according to the district.

Some of the artists featured include:

• Samara Barks (Mixed Hues)
• Beast Syndicate
• Steffany Brady
• Elizabeth Carrington
• Dee Jon
• Erico Estrella
• Angela Fabbri
• Moni Yael Garwil
• Ulys Gold

“We are excited to be rolling out ‘WindowWorks,’ a new program which fulfills a dual purpose: it transforms and enhances the pedestrian experience and supports our property owners by
making vacant storefronts more attractive to businesses looking to open in downtown,” said Angie Bertinot, of Downtown District, said in a statement.

“Also, during a time where people are looking for fun things to do outdoors, a self-guided tour is perfect, and while they’re here, we hope they’ll support one of our many local businesses.”