New midtown mural

New Instagrammable mural paints a pixel-perfect picture in Midtown

New Instagrammable mural paints a pixel-perfect picture in Midtown

Pearl Marketplace mural
Snap some colorful selfies here.  Photo courtesy of Pearl Marketplace/Morgan

Heads up, Instagrammers: A brand-new, street-art installation is sure to turn heads and incite selfies in Midtown.

Local, French-born graffiti artist Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau has completed an art mural over at the new Pearl Marketplace at 3120 Smith St. Commissioned by development firm Morgan, this 70-by-20-foot mural celebrates the construction workers who have made this mixed-use mid-rise a reality.

"I live in the neighborhood and have watched the construction process step by step," Mr. D said in a statement. "I was inspired by the amount of effort that goes into a project like this. The art wall is about the people who built it. I wanted to honor the workers in this industry and highlight what they represent, their diversity, and collective effort."

Using abstract pixilation and a broad color palette, the mural features five of the people who actually worked on the project representing all the construction workers. A finishing coat of clear high-quality epoxy protects the art from weathering and stray graffiti tagging. The mid-rise, which contains 264 residential units above a 40,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market on the ground floor, is slated to start leasing units on Saturday, June 1.

Local kids to get in on this mural-painting action. At the "Préservons la Création" fifth anniversary celebration, kids will be invited to express their inner artist by painting on a wall mural-size strip of clear vinyl. The event, which will kick off midtown's Children Festival, will be on Friday, May 31, at 2819 Fannin St.