one giant leap

New downtown public art piece makes giant leap as Houston's largest mural

Downtown public art piece makes giant leap as Houston's largest mural

Sky Dance Rendering
When completed Sky Dance will become the largest mural in Houston.  Sky Dance Courtesy Image
Sky Dance Houston Ballet dancers: Allison Miller, Nozomi Iijima, Mónica Gómez
The dancers of the Houston Ballet became inspiration for the artwork. Allison Miller, Nozomi Iijima, Mónica Gómez in mid-leap.  Houston Ballet Courtesy Photo
Sky Dance outline
The outline of Sky Dance as the artwork progresses.  Photo by Tarra Gaines
Sky Dance Rendering
Sky Dance Houston Ballet dancers: Allison Miller, Nozomi Iijima, Mónica Gómez
Sky Dance outline

Public art in Houston makes another great leap forward this spring, as the new Sky Dance mural brings a giant jeté of color and beauty to downtown. Created by acclaimed visual artist C. Finley and commission by WEDGE Group, a privately held Houston-based investment firm, this large-scale installation located at 1415 Louisiana St. will add to Downtown Houston’s artistic landscape while showcasing Houston’s performing arts.

“I am honored and delighted to be creating a mural for the people of Houston,” said Finley in a statement announcing the project. “Sky Dance celebrates the city and adds a pop of color and joie de vivre to Downtown Houston.”

Once completed, the 30,000-square-foot mural will depict three soaring dancers in a moment of flight, and Finley has based those powerful painted figures on three living, leaping dancers from the Houston Ballet, soloist Mónica Gómez, first soloist Nozomi Iijima and first soloist Allison Miller.

“Artistic projects like Sky Dance do so much to enhance Houston’s unique personality, and Houston Ballet is thrilled to be a part of this celebratory project that beautifully captures our dancers and the dynamic spirit of our community,” described Houston Ballet executive director, Jim Nelson, of the world renowned performing arts institution’s contribution to the project. “We look forward to this mural being on display for years to come as Houston Ballet continues its mission to bring people together through artistry and dance.”

At 230 feet wide and 130 feet tall, the massive artwork will become the largest mural ever realized in Houston.

“1415 Louisiana was originally designed as a twin tower, but a number of stalled projects over the years have left us with a massive blank wall,” explained Gregory Armstrong, president and CEO of the WEDGE Group in a statement about the commission. “When I stumbled across Finley’s work in downtown Los Angeles, I was transfixed. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring colorful energy to Downtown while celebrating Houston’s arts scene.”

The mural is being completed in partnership with the Houston Downtown Management District (Downtown District) and its Art Blocks initiative, which aims to repurpose and reenergize under-realized spaces through public art that is accessible to all.

When finished in mid-April, Sky Dance will surely become a blaze of kinetic color across our cityscape. But until then, don’t miss the opportunity to take a spring walk downtown to see some art building amid the skyscrapers.