Monday Movie Nights at Domy Books

Photo by Chris Conyers

Domy Books hosts a film series curated by Brand X.

May 30 - Inferno
Inferno isn’t exactly about the Mother’s Day mother. This one only qualifies in a technical sense, as it is the second of Dario Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy. While it isn’t as visual as technicolor-bathed Suspiria, the first in the series, it does possess a far more compelling story and great music by Keith Emerson.

June 6 - Let's Visit the World of the Future
Imagine a world where everyone is born at age 12? Where ruthless bozos govern the whole of society? Where people die at the age of 25 by getting laid? This film explores this alternative society and function. 

June 13 - Sympathy for the Underdog
With a whole new generation of films that conned their way into being crime dramas, it can be difficult for a younger generation, or even an older one, interested in seeing a classic gangster flick to know where to start. Brand X believes it's time to showcase this amazing and underrated genre. These films are serious, blunt and hard nosed.

June 20 - Saturday Night Fever
This film has love. It’s got fighting. It’s got Travolta in some tiny bikini briefs and of course, disco. Saturday Night Fever gives a tinted glimpse into the late 1970s through the eyes of Tony Moreno. During the day, he’s a mild-mannered paint store lackey who only dreams of winning a dance contest.

June 27 - Outpost
The story involves a group of modern mercenaries sent on a mission to a believed abandoned outpost. They're supposed to recover vital information for a war profiteer. Instead, they uncover an experiment involving the Nazis' attempt to create an atomic bomb.



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