In memory of President John F. Kennedy discussion with Kaaran Thomas: Trip in the Dark: It Began with the Kennedy Assassination


Trip in the Dark: It Began with the Kennedy Assassination is a fictional work loosely based on Governor John B. Connally Jr., a victim of two tragedies: The Kennedy assassination and the great Texas recession. Conspiracy theories swirl almost 50 years after the assassination. Trip in the Dark asks a different question: If there had been a conspiracy, what would have happened next? And where is the evidence?

The thriller follows the murky trail of a set of incriminating tape recordings of Lyndon Johnson and his conspirators (the Texas oil cartel) from the President's Oval Office to Richard Nixon, who discovers them during his Watergate cover-up, to Texas Governor Jake McCarty, the surviving victim of Oswald's assassination attempt.

McCarty, embittered by his wounds and enraged by Johnson's failure to tell him of the plot, uses the tapes to extort money and favors from the conspirators.



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