Houston Maritime Museum lecture: "Brown Shipbuilding Arms WWII Naval Fleet"

Houston Maritime Museum

Brown Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Brown and Root Inc., was established in 1941 at the junction of Green's Bayou by owners Herman and George R. Brown.

L.T. Bolin served as vice-president and general manager. His wife and young son, George Bolin, participated in many of the 359 ship christenings that honored family members of veterans killed in the war.

George Bolin will share personal memories along with the history of the company which built twelve PCs (Sub Chasers), 32 LCIs (Landing Craft Infantry), 61 DEs (Destroyer Escorts) and 254 LSMs (Landing Ship Medium) to fulfill a $500 million contract with the U.S. Navy. Ships were produced on an average of one every four days over the four year period.

Join HMM to view photographs of many of the ships produced by Brown Shipbuilding and to hear how Brown and Root's expansion into the shipbuilding business became one of the great successes of the company's legacy.



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