Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents Sandi Seltzer Bryant: "Internal Journeys; Papers Well Traveled" opening reception

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Sandi Seltzer Bryant: "Internal Journeys; Papers Well Traveled" opening reception
Sandi Seltzer Bryant, "Untitled 54," 2017, mixed media on paper, 50 x 38'' Photo courtesy of Hooks-Epstein Galleries and Sandi Seltzer Bryant

Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents "Internal Journeys; Papers Well Traveled," an exhibition of mixed media works by Houston-based artist, Sandi Seltzer Bryant.

For Bryant, making art is about layering her experiences throughout time; her abstract artwork includes handmade papers from over twenty countries that have been used to create bold mixed media works on paper, canvas, and board. The work takes on a life of its own, with each layer of texture and color informing on the places to which she has lived and traveled, thus creating a dialogue between Bryant and the piece.

Bryant embraces the abstract expressionistic genre, while drawing inspiration from the Dutch Masters, Brahm van Velde, The New York School, and all of the “isms.” She turns her work in all directions to ensure the energy of the piece has evolved from all sides—to Bryant, a good abstract work of art is successful in all directions. With her desire to engage the viewer as an active participant and in order to not influence the viewer into her own thoughts, Sandi Seltzer Bryant does not title her art. In thinking and working abstractly, she is driven by the opportunity of sharing her celebration of life with others.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display until February 17.

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