HCC-Central Art Gallery presents With The Grain opening reception

Photo courtesy of Edward Lane McCartney

HCC-Central Art Gallery presents With The Grain. Woodworkers, carpenters, and architects pay special attention to the grain of a cut of wood when selecting pieces to create with.  Woodworking techniques that follow the direction “with the grain” are usually the easiest, giving cleaner results.  The grain of a piece of wood can also reflect the tree’s rate of growth and how it was cut.

The eight artists in this exhibit - including Raina Chamberlain, Jesse Lott, Dan Havel, Page Piland, Edward Lane McCartney, Patrick Renner, Alex Larsen and Dean Ruck - pay special attention to the pieces of wood in the structures that are being torn down throughout Houston.  They carefully choose sizes and colors and shapes of wood to create works of art that repurpose and recontextualize their materials. In much the same way that the rings of a cut tree reveal its age and history, these new works of art reveal the history of Houston as its homes and structures are cut down. And in the same way a new beauty is revealed in the grain of planks of wood beneath the bark of a tree, these artists reveal a new appreciation in their repurposing of their rescued walls, floors, roofs, and embellishments.

The exhibit will be on display through August 25 through September 23, with an opening reception on September 1.



HCC Central Art Gallery
3517 Austin St.
Houston, TX 77004


Admission is free.
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