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Post Persuasion is an art exhibition of print and video advertisements created by George Reynolds. What makes Post Persuasion different from traditional advertising is that the ads are created without the resolve of persuading anyone to do anything. Like traditional works of art, the ads were made just for the sake of being made.

Since Reynolds' post-persuasion ads are presented through traditional marketing channels, it might be easy to unknowingly flip past one of his pieces in a magazine. They are, after all, deigned to be cohorts of contemporary print ads. But a careful observer might notice an important distinction. In contrast to typical advertising, Reynolds' work has no intention of persuading, encouraging, or mobilizing anyone to do anything. The ads are simply a conceptual and visual exploration of advertising after the boundaries imposed by a target audience have been lifted.

Reynolds has successfully published 26 post persuasion ads in various magazines and is currently submitting six new TV ads to public television for broadcast consideration. Can the two coalesce?

On view through May 30.



Fresh Arts
2101 Winter St.
Studio B-11
Houston, TX 77266-6494


Admission is free.
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