Fifth Annual Egungun Omoniyi Celebration


This annual event is a traditional Yoruba masquerade celebration to honor one's ancestors through costumed ritual dancing, drumming and food. An opening prayer is said in both the English and Yoruba Edo languages while libations are offered to remember and give thanks to family members who have died.

Attendees are welcome to partake in the prayer and libations at their leisure. Afterward, free food and drinks will be served.

The celebration culminates with African drumming and an appearance from the Egungun, a Yoruba masquerader who embodies the ancestors. The Egungun's path is sprayed with spirits as a way of purifying his way while he dances among the living. Guests may dance alongside, but are not permitted to touch the Egungun directly. Attendees are given the opportunity to acknowledge the Egungun by either bowing before him, touching the end of the staff that he carries or by showering him with gifts. These acknowledgements are meant to encourage favor and blessing from the Egungun.



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Admission is free.
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